Elite Gold Making

Sometimes there's gold making tricks that are simply too good to be true. These are the elite tricks and they will not be published in this blog or they would lose their effect quickly. Instead, they will be published in my Elite Section, and later on moved to the Old Elite Section.

Elite Section: Elite Section 1 is the shiny new Elite page. It's the page that gets all the recently discovered Elite gold making tips and is located in the gold making forums which link is shown above. Want to gain access? Click here! A donation is required to gain access.

Old Elite Section: This is the Old Elite Section. It contains the oldest elite methdods and is no longer updated. To view the newest Elite gold tips, visit the above Elite Section instead. Proceed reading if you want to access the Old Elite Section.

There are 2 ways to gain access to the Old Elite Section, so choose whichever suits you the best!

FAQ - Read

Q: Why don't you just allow me to take Door 3 which leads directly to the page?
A: Like it says, some gold making tricks are too volatile. If too many people use them, they become worthless. It's true that no method listed in the elite section is unique, but I can only control what gets published on my blog. This way at least half of the visitors choose to not open any door and will allow the rest of us to make even more gold with the elite tricks.

Q: I gained permanent access but I can't access it anymore!
A: If you deleted your tweet or facebook post, you don't get permanent access and have to open a door again.

Q: I'm not sure the Elite Section is worth opening a door! How often is it updated and are the tips quality content?
A: Old Elite Section is a low priority, so it will be updated only when a elite tip from Elite Section is starting to saturate. I cannot tell you how often this happens, as it depends a lot on the economy and gameplay changes. The content you will find is still the best and fastest ways to make gold, at least from my experience.