Monday, October 9, 2017

Solo farming Mythic WOD Raids for Transmogs

Most raids tend to have Bind on Equip loot dropping, and some of these pieces look very good! That means people will pay nicely for them. They aren't bad either for leveling purposes. WOD raids are an excellent choice, as each piece usually always sells for several thousand gold, many even closer to ten thousand instead. Let's take a closer look a those drop rates!

wow transmog farming
WoD Transmog Farming
With some luck, old raids can be a gold mine!

Warlords of Draenor Soloing
Not long ago WOD raids and instances in general always forced the Personal Loot setting, and you couldn't change that, unless you were in a raid group. This however does not seem to be the case anylonger, at least in raids. Now you can loot every mob you kill! (This was written some months ago, so please confirm if it has been changed lately)

So now you can and should visit those WOD raids. While personal loot in 5 player dungeons does seem bad, they have actually buffed the chances of getting loot. So from the testing I did, every single boss always dropped a piece of loot. Loot that I can actually equip, so it's even better for transmog purposes. But for gold making purposes WOD dungeons are the worst! Raids; however, are a different story.

BOE Epics drop from trash alone, so there's no point in killing bosses. Mythic difficulty setting gives the shiniest loot and highest item level, so that is my recommendation to use. Bosses at this difficulty may even provide difficult for non-tank specs or lower geared players, and some of them impossible just due to mechanics. Mythic also is only for 20 player setting, so you see more loot dropping, while making mobs even harder to kill. Lower difficulty settings scale to the minimum of 10 players when alone.

Like usually, RNG is involved when farming transmog pieces. This means you may get 15,000 wow gold from one run, or zero instead.

Trash in Blackrock Foundry, for example, give only as much (If not less) silver as a level 68 humanoid in outdoors Outland, so the guaranteed gold you'll be getting is non-existent. Especially if you are only clearing trash to first boss and then resetting the instance.

However, you do often find one or more BOE piece per reset, so in my opinion it's very much worth it to reset it until the hourly cap, if you are fast enough.

There's 3 raids total in WOD, and here's all the Bind on Equip loot you can find from these.


Blackrock Foundry

Hellfire Citadel

Good luck!
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