Saturday, September 24, 2016

Farming WOD raids/dungeons for gold!


To prevent personal loot from occurring in WOD or newer raids, list yourself in LFG by creating a group. You can set it to private, if you don't want others to see and join the group. Then you can right-click your portrait and choose group loot from the settings.

This does not seem to have an effect on dungeons. Just raids.

Public service announcement for anyone who does not yet know! Don't bother entering Warlods of Draenor dungeons with farming gold or transmogs in mind. The game thinks there's other people with you in the instance and it's also personal loot, so you can usually get just 1 item from the whole instance and can't loot all mobs you kill.

This also goes for WOD raids! No point in soloing those either for gold making or transmog farming purposes.

And those wanting to farm LFR drops from older raids, the personal looting rule is also applied in those.

This means you'll most likely only make 30-50 gold per clear of a heroic wod dungeon. You do however get the 60 ish gold reward for killing all bosses, but that you get from much more profitable older dungeons as well.

Changing loot rules has no effect on things either if the party is not big enough!

Thankfully there's tons of other places to farm!
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