Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Turning Frostweave into Gold!

Sorry for the long break! Wow has not offered anything new, so I've lost interest in it totally. Hopefully the older tricks have been keeping you busy! But now that Legion expansion is arriving, it's time to start making gold again, especially as the gold cap has been lifted to 9,999,999! Let's get to work then, and start from something easy!

Cleaning the bank!
First thing I did since re-subbing was to clean my banks out of useless transmog items, and while at it, all kinds of other junk. One of these items was excess Frostweave Cloth. I noticed that it's price has completely plummeted, and there's always many good ways to put any cheap cloth into use to create lots of profit.

Naturally each realm has a different situation, but if you too can find cheap Frostweave, it's a good idea to grab a bunch of it. As for how cheap, that would mainly depend on the price of the items we're going to create. So should check up on them first and then calculate how profitable it is.

And if you just want to farm the Frostweave yourself, it's very easy to do so!

This is/was perhaps one of the most popular places to farm:

There's also some other great ways, like farming specific spots in Naxxramas and resetting the place, that I might write about at some point in greater detail if I don't have anything better to write about.

Putting Frostweave into use!
Like usually, you do need specific professions to handle cloth items. Tailoring and Enchanting more specifically.

Perhaps the most profitable item that you can create and sells very fast usually is the Frostweave Bag. However, this needs Infinite Dust to imbue the Frostweave cloth first, which is quite expensive usually.

So it's usually not nearly as profitable to buy off the auction house. However, the second best thing you can do is to create some Infinite Dust from the frostweave yourself. A popular crafting choice is the Frostwoven Belt, which requires only the cloth and vendor supplied items.

The belt requires 15 cloth (3 bolts), and can be disenchanted usually into 2-3 Infinite Dust, as well as essences.

If Infinite Dust is very expensive, then it's a better idea to sell the dust instead of making Frostweave bags. Either one is a profitable choice usually, though!

Generally if a Frostweave Bag sells for more than than 60 Frostweave Cloth + 12 Infinite Dust + 2 Eternium Thread (6 gold), then it's a solid choice.

For me it cost materials worth about 63 gold to create bag, and a bag sells for 160 gold currently.

Do you want more gold tips? Don't forget to share!

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Resubbed recently as well and your site is the first one I checked on. Hope you find your groove and keep up the awesome blog.