Sunday, August 28, 2016

Legion is coming and auction houses are full!

Usually when a wow expansion is nearing, people tend to do a bit of bag cleaning. And by cleaning I mean valuable trade goods are being sold and undercut like crazy, at least on the more popular realms. A great many people are also saying goodbye to their garrisons and spending their last resources on trade goods. Usually the most valuable, so except the prices to get affected as well!

Quick and easy gold for the patient
So this is a small little reminder/tip to check the current prices during the next few weeks. If you see something being sold for less than a gold that has been selling for a lot more thorough Warlords of Draenor, it's a very good idea to grab all you can get super cheap and stash them away. It will take quite a while for the prices to start climbing again, so it's more of a long term investment if you have no intentions of crafting anything valuable.

There's no specific ones you should keep an eye on, as all trade goods can make up cool stuff that will be of use to people even if it's outdated, like toys, pets, transmog gear, bags etc. So check what you can craft, and what prices those mats you need are going for.

For a complete list of WoD (non-bop) crafting reagents, you can check wowhead's listing:;6:2;0:0#0+14-2

Though some items that are needed for the daily crafting recipes to obtain the important pieces of crafting said stuff, like True Iron Ore, Blackrock Ore and Raw Beast Hides and other similar key pieces don't usually drop in value so soon. But you should still check those as well!

Personally I spent about 20k gold today alone on all kinds of ultra cheap materials that will be at least 5-15 times more valuable much later on, and even more valuable (Although slower to sell) when I choose to craft stuff instead!

Happy hunting, and don't forget to use gold making addons that help you find the good auction house deals!
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