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Super Valuable Garrison Missions - Part 2 - WoW Gold Guide

Here's an another extremely profitable, but super rare garrison mission that does not require treasure hunting perks. Like most über rare missions, this one can be tricky too if you're not well prepared. 3 foes, with 9 things needed to be countered! However, this time you can also farm for this item!

garrison missions gold making medallion of the legion
Garrison Gold Making
Rewards from this mission can also be farmed outdoors! Time to make some easy gold!

Fast way to raise Draenor Reputation with all Factions
This item, the  Medallion of the Legion is a lot easier to obtain than the previous super rare item I talked about. While you most likely get the mission only once a month, you can farm this item quite effectively in the outdoor world too.

This also means the price won't be in the tens of thousands most likely, so at least on bigger realms they go for a few thousands usually each. However, many speculate that soon when flying is enabled on Draenor, people want to powerlevel their reputations to unlock flying, and are willing to pay for it. So it's not a terrible idea to hoard  Medallions of the Legion until the next patch hits.

If your minions are not yet ilvl 675, it's a good idea to have a Salvage Yard and a Bunker / War Mill until most of them are maxed. You can also get a quick boost in exchange for gold. Next to your mission table, there should be a vendor selling tokens that boost armor or weapon to ilvl 645. These cost 500 wow gold each.

If you're just after this mission, it's a good idea to first upgrade minions that can counter these abilities. But it's often a better idea to instead upgrade all equally, so you will have a good chance at all missions.

Name: Eldritch Horrors
Level: 100 (675 ilvl)
Type: Forest (Countered by: Naturalist)

garrison missions medallion of the legion

Farming Medallions of the Legion
If you don't want to wait around, but want some medallions right now, then head over to Tanaan Jungle.

There are 4 minibosses here that have a 15% ish drop chance for these, once per day. While these bosses may look big and intimidating, most of them hit like wet noodles or their abilities can be avoided easily, so they can be easily soloed if you know your class and have a decent ilvl. Only exception may be Terrorfist, but NPCs can assist you!

So if you kill all 4 every day, you have a 60% chance to get one, per character. Hope you have alts!

However, many people think the drop rate is lower, so it's not 100% accurate information.

The minibosses in question are, Doomroller, Deathtalon, Terrorfist and Vengeance

They respawn every hour, and you get a zone wide yell when one spawns:

Doomroller: "Siegemaster Mar'tak yells: Hah-ha! Trample their corpses!"
Deathtalon: "Shadow Lord Iskar yells: Behind the veil, all you find is death!"
Terrorfist: "Frogan yells: A massive gronnling is heading for Rangari Refuge! We are going to require some assistance!"
Vengeance: "Tyrant Velhari yells: Insects deserve to be crushed!"

You can click on the names to see the spawn locations, provided by no other than wowhead itself!

And here's approximate TomTom coordinates for anyone with the addon:

/way Tanaan Jungle 46, 51 Doomroller
/way Tanaan Jungle 24, 40 Deathtalon
/way Tanaan Jungle 15, 64 Terrorfist
/way Tanaan Jungle 32, 73 Vengeance

Even if you are unlucky and don't get a single medallion, you may get a  Rattling Iron Cage instead, which always contains one these rare mounts:

-  Armored Razorback

Good luck hunting! :)
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