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Solo Farming Elegon Mount

Let's do some mount farming for a change! You too may have been drooling at a specific  Reins of the Astral Cloud Serpent mount when you see people riding one. How easy is it to farm this mount? How to avoid Elegon fight getting bugged when the pylons don't disappear? Is there any gold to be made while farming it? So many questions! Let's answer them all!

solo farming elegon mount
Solo Farming Elegon Mount
Is it your lucky day?

Secrets of Mogu'shan Vaults
Mogu'shan Vaults raid instance is located in Kun-Lai Summit, Pandaria. A quick way there would be to ask for a portal to Pandaria from a kind Mage (And tip them good! :) and set your Hearthstone to the Inn you spawn at. This should always be your home choice, as the place provides portals to all continents.

elegon mount farming
Mogu'shan Vaults Location in Kun-Lai Summit
astral cloud serpent solo farming
The entrance portal is on the side of the mountain.

Elegon is the goal here, who is the second last boss. Before it you must fight 4 other bosses. Getting there is very easy, provided you have decent DPS and self heals. Blood Death Knight is the easy mode option, like usually when it comes to soloing, but it really doesn't matter that much.

The mount,  Reins of the Astral Cloud Serpent itself has only about a 1.3% drop rate from Elegon, like most rare mounts. So be prepared for a long farm if you're not favored by lady RNG! Thankfully mounts are account wide, so if you have 5 level 100 chars with full Tanaan Jungle blues/epics, you can naturally do this run with all of them, giving you a 6.5% chance every week at the elusive Elegon mount. And yes, you do need to be level 100 and decently geared, if soloing.

A single run takes about 15-25 min usually.

The drop rate is same in 10 and 25 player mode, as far as I know. Many people report that heroic mode has higher drop rate, though. I would recommend to stick to the 10 player normal mode for faster and easier runs.

First Boss - The Stone Guard
This boss is perhaps the most challenging one, as you have to fight three bosses at the same time in 10 man mode. All of them have a shared health pool, meaning they all lose health when one does.

The fight, however, is relatively simple, as all you have to do is avoid a lot of shit on the ground and focus on bursting the bosses down. Defensive cooldowns come in very handy as well!

Tips for classes I've done this boss with:

- Monk (Windwalker): Put up Storm, Earth, and Fire on the 2 other Quilen and replace the spirits as soon as they get killed. This way only one boss is trying to eat your face at a time.

- Warlock (Affliction): Have your pet tank all of them. Voidlord does very good! Just remember to spam heals and dots when you can.  Harvest Life talent and Glyph of Drain Life will make your life easier.

- Death Knight (Blood): No special tricks needed.

Second Boss - Feng The Accursed
This boss is very simple, and you won't need specific tactics. To get some free time from Feng's attacks and you have good mobility or ranged attacks, fight him at the exactly opposite side where the next phase will make him run into.

Tips for classes I've done this boss with:

- Monk (Windwalker): When Feng casts Epicenter, use Touch of Karma and stay as close to him as possible. At phase 3 your HP may be really low, but if you have Serenity available, it will restore your HP fully, as you can spam blackout kick at his face.

- Warlock (Affliction): Again Voidlord is the good pet choice, like it is for all the bosses here. Keep it healed, and don't ignore your own health either. Stay as far away from the boss as possible, and you should be just fine. Above glyph recommendations will help here as well, as will they with every boss.

- Death Knight (Blood): Not that the fight is even challenging, but you can grab one of the floating crystals to give you a new cooldown, which will make you immune to all damage for a noticeable amount of time. It's ideal to save the CD for the nastier attacks. This crystal is available to all tank specs.

Third Boss - Gara'jal the Spiritbinder
Stand still and Pew Pew! Nothing special. But you will get hit like a truck as the fight nears the end, so longer defensive/heal cooldowns should be saved until the boss starts to enrage.

Fourth Boss - The Spirit Kings
And one more before Elegon itself! This fight is very easy, but you can fail very easily if you're not prepared. You'll get to fight 4 bosses, but one at a time, thankfully.

Qiang the Merciless - Hits like a truck, but goes down fast. Nuke it, but save any pet cooldowns for the next one. And naturally avoid the Annihilate.

Subetai the Swift - Very easy, but will cast Rain of Arrows after about 15-20 seconds into the fight, which will basically stun you for the remaining fight, unless you either have a spell or a trinket that removes such effects or a pet that you can assign to attack the arrow that impaled you.

Meng the Demented - Nothing special, but you should be careful when he starts to flee in panic, as part of your damage will get reflected back.

Zian of the Endless Shadow - Nothing special at all!

Tips for classes I've done this boss with:

- Monk (Windwalker): Only Subetai the Swift will bring issues if your dps isn't high enough. I would advice to have the talent Invoke Xuen, the White Tiger and save it until the boss casts Volley, which is very easy to notice. Shortly after that he usually uses Rain of Arrows. Then just command Xuen to attack the arrow in your.. knee?

- Warlock (Affliction): No special tactics needed. Have your pet attack the arrow that will pin you down during the second boss, Subetai.

- Death Knight (Blood): Again Subetai will bring the only issues, as you must have a way to remove the pinning arrow/stun, possibly more than once in a short period of time. A good idea to do this would be to cast Death and Decay or Defile at your feet when the boss uses Volley. It should remain until the arrow pins you down, and will take care of it.

Fifth Boss - Elegon
And finally Elegon itself! This fight is very easy, thankfully, so you can relax. However, this fight will get easily bugged if you're not careful, and if that happens, you have no choice but to jump down to the engine and turn into energy.

The bug itself makes some of the pylons in phase 2 unkillable, and you can reproduce the bug by letting only a few of the sparks reach the pylons. So either don't let a single spark reach them, or let all of them reach them. Either way there is no difference, besides the boss will die faster if you can kill some waves.

If you're struggling to live, leave the platform for a second to reset your stacks, which makes you take more damage.

When sparks appear, all large AOEs are a good idea to use. For example, Death Knights should use Death and Decay/Defile and spam blood boil to spread diseases to each spark. Can easily kill at least 7 waves of sparks then (But don't get cocky), and you don't even have to switch targets.

And you are done! Hopefully you'll find a nice, shiny mount, when you open your well deserved loot chest! You may also have loot tokens, but they don't give mounts from instanced raid bosses, so it's a waste.

elegon mount drop

So.. Shiny!
Image credit: Dovie

There is also the last boss, but it's not relevant this time. But perhaps when/if I do a thorough Loot Hunters post about this instance!

How much wow gold was made?
To keep things in topic, of course some gold was also made while here!

Usually always you get several BOE recipes while here. These usually sell for 200-600 gold each, but are very hard to sell. It's usually a better idea to check if the item looks cool, learn the recipe and craft it instead to sell for a lot more!

The bosses drop very little gold, so only about 110 gold was obtained from the bosses and trash.

Greys, epics and greenies sold for about 300 extra gold. However, sometimes disenchanting greenies is a more profitable idea. Epics should always be disenchanted, as they give shards and crafting materials. Going with my realm's prices, a single epic is worth about 80 gold if disenchanted.

So in conclusion, you shouldn't farm this instance for gold, at least in 10 player mode. When Legion expansion comes, this instance should be very lucrative when you can solo farm it in 25 HC mode, though. But if you want a cool looking mount and some free wow gold, then by all means farm this everytime it resets!

Good luck! And don't forget to attach a screenshot link to the comments if you are lucky enough!

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Mist said...

Ah, I got this mount last month, which is my third favorite! Anyway, I was doing this as Mistweaver (aka "Fistweaving") I was comfortably geared around 685-700 when I started doing my runs. This was during Blackrock Foundry. That said, Baleful gear at 695 is more than enough. The only difficulty was Subetai, and saved my CDs for him. I would pop Xuen at the beginning and pop Nimble Brew to get out of the stun. A PvP trinket/EMFHS should work as well. It isn't a bad run at all, besides that little niche. Oh, Elegon might bug out every now and then. This only happened to me once.

Richard said...

This is a really good write up, I think I'm gonna start doing farming like this once I get my account back going again. I feel like it's just been too long for me not making gold.

It's the one thing really left in game I enjoy while I do still love leveling and some PvP gold making has been a passion. I'm glad I came across this blog.