Monday, July 13, 2015

Super Valuable Garrison Missions - Part 1 - WoW Gold Guide

Garrison missions are well known for providing some quick gold, without having to do anything yourself. Most of these require followers with Treasure Hunter perks to bring a ton of gold home, but not this one. Be well well prepared, though, as it's not the easiest mission!

garrison gold making missions wow
Garrison Gold Making
Some missions are a Gold Mine!

One of the most valuable missions, yet
6.2 brought many new rare missions that award incredibly good stuff. This particular rare mission is called Arakkoa Ancestry and rewards the player with an extremely expensive item, called  Elixir of the Rapid Mind. Many people ignore this mission because they either are max level and are not interested in items that provide a short EXP boost, or don't think it can be sold or is of any value. But this particular item can be sold in the auction house for quite a bit of wow gold.

On average it sells for 5000 gold, but you can get a lot more for it if you're patient, as I usually see people sell it successfully for 10-25k gold.

The mission is rare, but you should be prepared for it once you are eligible for it.

Name: Arakkoa Ancestry
Level: 100 (675 ilvl)
Type: Swamp (Countered by: Angler, Evergreen or Marshwalker

arakkoa ancestry rare mission with elixir of the rapid mind reward

Only the Arakkoa trait is a bit trickier to counter, as you would need three followers with either Apex Predator or Talonslayer as well to make it a guaranteed success.

Once you are Honored with Saberstalkers in Tanaan Jungle, you can grab the reputation reward for a contract to get Pallas on your team, who comes with Apex Predator trait by default.
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mikerhinos said...

2500-3500g on my realm :/
Anyway I have a few alts to xp lvl100 so I guess that I'd keep the item for them lol.