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Herbalism gold making - 400 gold in 13 minutes - WoW Gold Guide

Time for some herbalism gold making tips! Most people would choose a zone from the current expansion to make fast sales, and some herbs are even worth it. However, not being able to fly slows things down dramatically. Why not instead choose a zone where flying is allowed?

herbalism gold making in wod
Herbs can be sold as they are for some fast gold, or can be turned into potions for even more profit!
Welcome to Hillsbrad Foothills!
Hillsbrad Foothills is a very good and small zone, filled with valuable low level herbs. Most notably would be Briarthorn and Mageroyal, which often contain Swiftthistle as well. So these will be the focus now. There are many other zones as well that have these, including Duskwood, Azshara and Darkshore.

Swiftthistle is very valuable, and often sells for even 10 gold each. So it can be sold as it is, or put into even more profitable use, which I will talk more about below.

herbalism gold making guide
Hillsbrad Foothills
Each dot represents a possible spawn location for a valuable herb.
Source: wowhead
The map is very simple to cover fully. I would recommend to start from the edge and follow the borders of the map until you are at where you started. Then move closer to inland and repeat until you are at the center of the map. At this point 90% of the herbs have respawned, so you can repeat easily to your heart's content.

Briarthorns are easy to spot, as they always spawn close to trees. These will be your 1st priority.

This should take no more than 13 minutes to clear, at least as a Druid with Flight Form, so there's no need to dismount at every herb.

For a long while now Swiftthistles have been selling for 6-15 gold each and Briarthorns 1-4 gold. Mageroyals are usually at the 1 gold mark, but your Realm may have completely different prices.

Making speed potions from Swiftthistle and Briarthorn
If you want to make even more wow gold, you don't have to sell the herbs as they are. Instead turn them into potions! You will need Alchemy profession for this on any of your characters, the recipe and sufficient alchemy skill (60).

  • 1 x Swiftthistle
  • 1 x Briarthorn
  • 1 x Crystal Vial
These sell surprisingly fast and often sell for 2-5x the reagent cost. But sometimes the herbs are not very abundant at the auction house, so it will be more profitable to sell the herbs instead.

However, you do need to learn the recipe from a  Recipe: Swiftness Potion. It's a very rare world drop from mobs below level 20. But it appears quite often in the auction house for less than 300 wow gold, so it will pay itself back in no time.

Protip: Have Potion Master on your alchemist, so you can sometimes create even 4 potions for the price of 1!

If you want to try your luck farming it, the best bet would be to farm Deadmines if you're Alliance, or Ragefire Chasm if Horde. Just be prepared to reset the instance quite a few times before it finally drops!
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