Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Loot Hunters - Solo Farming Firelands - WoW Gold Guide

Let's continue soloing Cataclysm 25 player raids to find out which are the best ones to clear every week for a nice bit of extra gold. Next up is Firelands, home of Ragnaros. This instance is massive, so it will take considerably longer than The Bastion of Twilight which was discussed previously. However, big instances means lots of trash, and lots of trash means lots of gold!

Update: Added Firelands 25 HC Solo Gold Amounts to the post!

firelands solo wow gold
Solo Farming Firelands 25
How much wow gold can you make by soloing the instance fully?

Soloing Firelands 25
With the old content squish this instance is very easy to clear, so you don't need any special gear or spec. Any dps class will work, and tanks will have even easier time. While here, you can also grab a few easy achievements for the Glory of the Firelands Raider achievement, which rewards a nice mount.

As there will be a ton of trash here, it's a good idea to clear the instance fully. Only exception is the turtles. Their drops were nerfed to the ground when people solo farmed them back in Cata, and were never returned to normal drops after the instance became trivial. So they still drop only a few copper. Other bigger mobs usually drop 3 wow gold.

Bosses are trivial, so you won't need any tactics for them either, unless you want to grab a few achievements. If you'd like me to include achievements and strategies to obtain them in these Loot Hunters' posts, let me know in the comments below.

There are 7 bosses here, each dropping about 25 gold.

One thing different from usual raids is that there is absolutely no Embersilk Cloth to be found here. It's usually a very good gold maker, but the drops are still decent without it.

The run took about half an hour, and here's the loot that was found:

266g from gold drops
840g from vendor junk (Greys, BOP epics)
154g from green armor (Disenchant)
550g from BOE blues (Not included in total)
2273g from BOE epics (Not included in total)
62g from Elementium Lockbox

Grand total = 1322 wow gold

Update: If you do this in 25 HC (Very easy to solo), each boss drops about 120 gold + epics that vendor for over 100 gold. This equals in over 1500 gold from boss drops alone!

If you have disenchanting available, it's a good idea to check Maelstrom Crystal's price before deciding if you should disenchant or vendor BOP epics. Also, Hypnotic Dust is very expensive usually, so it's often a better idea to disenchant green quality armor.

There will be lots of BOE epics, and it's sometimes a better idea to just vendor them, as they will take a while to sell and there's always other people selling them as well.

How do I get to Firelands?
Firelands entrance is located in Mount Hyjal in Kalimdor. You can grab the portal or a free ride there from your capital city. The entrance is located in Sulfuron Spire, the giant lava lake on the south part of the map.

firelands entrance portal location
Firelands Entrance
You can't miss the location!
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mikerhinos said...

Great article !
But as a casual gamer, I don't know any of boss strategies, and I can say, having done that raid with my DK and hunter (average gear around 600-630), that some REQUIRE strategy.
Like if you want to solo Baleroc, you have to burst him as quickly as possible before he does his decimation blade which will kill anyone (strikes my DK at 280k while I have only 230k, and strikes 3 times...).
For Shannox, if you're a DK you have to kill him in tank (blood) otherwise he will stick a harpoon in your *** and the dogs will eat your face until you die, if you're a dps class, nuke ragefire first then kill the boss.
For Beth'tilac the spider boss, kill one of the hanging spider and use it's web to go upstairs, then kill her softly, don't burst all of your CDs. When you see fire under your feet, run aside, it will spit a flaming rock that will get you on 1st floor and all the spiders will stunlock you and cover you in venom. So stay upstairs, strike until boss is like 15-20%, and when it turns its back, nuke it as fast as possible and put any DoT that you have, because it will go downstair to eat other spiders and regen.

Hope that it will help other players, but one thing to note : when I can't kill a boss solo, I call my wife who has a enhancement chaman, and we saw that gold dropped by bosses is strictly the same for each one of us ! Around 125g each, so call a friend, do that raid, and sell all the loots to the npc (on my realm it's too long to sell on AH, and it costs around 5g to put it for 24h so...), and you will have like 1700g in less than an hour !