Monday, December 29, 2014

Garrison Gold Making - WoW Gold Guide

Back to making gold, and this time in your very own Garrison! Many of us are at the limit of 10000 Garrison Resources and are wondering what to do with them. Many level 3 buildings are useless, so there's no point in wasting resources on upgrading some of them, like those that only increase work order limit. There is a lot more profitable way to use them!

Making gold in your Garrison
Instead of wasting the resources, get a Trading Post up if you haven't already, so you get the merchant NPC that will sell trade goods in exchange for garrison resources. It takes a medium plot.

Too close to cap? Spend them!
Trading Post will also bring so much garrison resources through work orders that it will speed your gold making through garrisons a lot. And you'll get the goods for the work orders from your garrison usually, so no need to spend any wow gold on them.

wod garrison gold making
Trading Post offers a fast way to spend
your excess Garrison Resources.
To make even thousands of extra garrison resources on top, make sure you have at least 3 followers with the Scavenger trait to get 200% extra resources per follower, up to 600% extra from a 3 person mission. Get their ilvl closer to 630 to get the good missions with a ton of resources as the mission reward. And always assign a scavenger to any other mission with resource rewards, even if it's just a 50% chance to succeed.

To get more Scavenger followers, you need a level 2 Inn to recruit them.

To raise the ilvl of your followers effectively, have the Dwarven Bunker or horde equivalent on one of your plots.

When using the trader npc to spend your garrison resources, you should first check the auction house prices. Usually  Draenic Dust has the best value. 5 Draenic Dust costs 20 Garrison Resources. This equals in about 25 gold on average, so for me it's a good investment. Enchanting dust also has coppers as the listing fee, so you'll only get the auction house cut taken.

garrison trading post gold making
Using the Trading Post I turned about half of my resources into
almost 7000 wow gold, in the form of Draenic Dust. It took no
longer than several days to get the resources on one toon alone.

The  Smuggled Sack of Gold gives gold directly, but it costs 50 resources and gives only about 15 gold usually. However, it does count towards the gold looting achievements like Got My Mind On My Draenor Money.

Keep in mind that you can do this on every toon. Get a Trading Post, Mill and a Dwarven Bunker up for each of your alts and you'll swim in gold in no time! But never flood the auction house with thousands of items at the same time.
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Unknown said...

Been thinking of ways to improve gold from garrison, now that some buildings are outdated. Tradepost seems good!