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Making Gold with Felsteel Stabilizers - Engineering Gold Guide

I mentioned before that many TBC trade goods have crazy prices these days. This makes them exceptionally profitable to produce and sell. One of these goods is the Felsteel Stabilizer, used in many different recipes. Very easy to craft, and sells surprisingly fast as well. Time to make more wow gold!

wow gold guide felsteel stabilizers
Engineering Gold Guide
How to make wow gold with Felsteel Stabilizers

Engineering required, mining recommended
 Felsteel Stabilizers can be crafted by Engineers with at least 340 skill points. To create one, you need 2 x  Felsteel Bar.

Felsteel Bars themselves are created by Miners with at least 350 skill. Each Felsteel Bar requires 3 x  Fel Iron Bar and 2 x  Eternium Bar.

While it's usually profitable to purchase the Felsteel Bars from the auction house, it's even more profitable if you have Mining, so you can obtain the raw materials yourself or purchase them off the auction house, and smelt them into Felsteel Bars which you will then turn into Felsteel Stabilizers with Engineering.

Usually the raw materials cost about 30 wow gold per Felsteel Stabilizer, and the stabilizers itself go for over 100 gold each always. People are willing to pay even 500 gold for each if there weren't people underpricing them and selling them in massive amounts to make them look easy to obtain, driving many would be buyers away.

Putting the Felsteel into use
There's not much gold to be made from putting the Felsteel Stabilizers into use, except for the  Turbo-Charged Flying Machine, which requires quite a few other items as well. Still, it's always profitable. Here's the mats it requires:
There's usually about 500-2000 gold profit made per flying machine, so it's not bad at all! I have discussed some of these materials and how to obtain them before. So if you'd like to learn more about them and how to earn more by putting them into different uses, try the gold search box on the left by typing an item name there.

You can also use it to search for Fel Iron Ore if you'd like to see the most efficient way to farm it yourself.

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