Monday, October 13, 2014

Stockpiling for Warlords of Draenor - WoW Gold Guide

It's good to be back! I have missed all of you guys who take the time to read my posts, leave useful comments, support the blog by clicking the share buttons and just by being here! ♥ As WOD is only a month away,  it's time to start thinking what items will become more expensive, so that you can start your experience in Draenor by earning a huge pile of wow gold! But is it even worth it to stockpile with all the latest changes to professions?

wod stockpiling
Stockpiling Gold Guide For WoW - Warlords of Draenor
Will same stockpiling strategies from last expansion work this time as well?

Let the hoarding games begin!
One could assume items that have been hot during previous expansion launches will continue to sell like crazy this time as well.

However, they are wrong. There's no new classes, races or professions, so not much point in hoarding crafting reagents, as there won't be a massive alt rush.

On top of that, WOD will bring profession changes that will make many older mats obsolete in WOD. This does not leave us with lots of stockpiling choices.

 Spirit of Harmony will lose it's BOP status and can be sold in the auction house, so their prices will plummet very fast due to the massive amount of people undercutting. But this will also give great opportunities to snatch some good deals. But there's not much point in stockpiling them. However, it's a good idea to keep or buy some when the prices drop if you wish to sell pets, mounts, bags, transmogs etc. that will continue to be valuable in Warlords of Draenor.

Living Steel does not appear to be off the cooldown, but no one has confirmed it lately.

Many people also continuously ask if it's worth to sell  Sky Golems in WOD. The answer is not anymore than it is now, at least not anytime soon. Try more exotic mounts that will shine in WoD!

What to stockpile then?
There's not much point in stockpiling. At most you could start to sell things right away and try to cater for people who start leveling alts after the pre-patch hits, who will likely want to level their professions and level faster in general. Only exception is level 90 goodies. Save those for the release.

As you can't fly in Draenor, at least right away, people have to stick to ground mounts. But there's a nice change coming that allows one to ride flying mounts as ground mounts. This will make some mounts a lot more interesting. You can make use of this and sell such mounts, or at least the chances of getting them.

1. Sell A'lar runs or Twilight Drake runs which I will discuss more in one of the upcoming posts. Emphasize that these beautiful flying mounts can be used as ground mounts in WOD. You wouldn't believe how many people don't know how easy it is to solo these instances, or are just too low level to clear them. (Just a note of caution, some people have claimed you can't use flying mounts in Draenor that do not have walking animations. Unconfirmed, as I don't have beta access.)

2. Level 10-90 enchanting supplies, food (Only level 90), potions, flasks, gear and trade goods in small amounts. With Bags and Satchels you can never go wrong either. They sell like crazy always. Just don't stockpile too much, at least lower level flasks which mainly elitists will buy. There will be lots of fresh level 90s who would love some epic gear, so see if you can get them covered too!

3. Save or buy a handful of super cheap Spirits of Harmony, but only for crafting purposes. Create pets, mounts, bags and cool items if you have engineering or tailoring for example. Know that there will be most likely thousands of people selling them, so there's not much profit in selling them yourself after the first few hours.

4. High level battle pets. Especially pets from MOP raids will become more valuable over time. Get them while they are cheap. MOP raids will not receive solo buffs, so not that many people can solo those, or get lucky enough for a pet drop.

5.  Sealed Tome of the Lost Legion will become more rare in WOD as people won't be farming Isle of Thunder that much. I would recommend to snatch a few, but only if price seems cheap.

I'll leave some room here in case I can come up with other ideas. :o)

Offtopic: Sorry about the broken images a few days ago on some pages. Guess imageshack is not to be trusted! Things should be fixed now mostly, but let me know if some pages are showing broken images still.

What will YOU stockpile?
How are you planning on making gold on the first day?

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Maddy said...

I missed all your useful tips and tricks; I'm so glad to see you're back! :)

Not sure if you know but, according to Wowhead, after patch 6.0.2 drops many Cataclysm flasks, foods and enchants will actually be more powerful than MoP ones! It might be worthy selling those to people wishing to killing Garrosh for their last chance at a guaranteed heirloom! ;)

Kuja said...

You're correct! Very odd. I have a feeling it will get changed. But until then, Cata consumables definitely are better!

Just need to let people know that in trade chat when selling. :)