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How to make Gold with Epic Gems - Jewelcrafting Gold Guide

There are a lot of gear in the game that have sockets in them and are very useful for leveling or "twinking". Some of them even lasting 20 levels with the correct gems in it. 20 levels is a long time, so these gems are very valuable! For some reason almost no one seems to be selling these gems. And it's not because people are ready to pay thousands! I will now tell the best gems to cut and sell for massive profits.

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Jewelcrafting Gold Guide

Making easy wow gold with epic gems
Sockets were introduced in TBC, so the first items that have sockets in them are dropping from TBC dungeons and raids, or are crafted. Cataclysm, MOP and WOD gems have level requirements in them, so the best suitable gems for TBC gear is WOTLK epic gems, as they have no level requirement. Some of these gems are VERY good, and sell for even a thousand per gem.

These gems can be obtained from:

-  Ashen Sack of Gems (Dropped by Onyxia)
- Prospecting  Titanium Ore
- Transmute
-  Icy Prism
- Auction house

All of the gems are uncut at first, so you'll have to cut them. By far the best gems are those that give Haste or Critical, or both. Primary stats aren't as good for elitists and there is more competition. But they sell relatively fast!

You can learn to cut WOTLK epic gems from designs sold by Jewelcrafter trainers in Dalaran and Shattrath City. Each design costs 4 x Dalaran Jewelcrafter's Token. These are obtained from the Jewelcrafting daily quests or by turning in 10 x  Titanium Powder, obtained by prospecting Titanium Ore. Tit ore is extremely expensive these days, so it's not very profitable to purchase it in hopes of getting powder. If you want jewelcrafter's tokens fast, you should check AH for Titanium Powder's price, or go mining.

Here's the gems that I would recommend to sell:
You should also try other gems, primarily str/agi/int gems to see if they sell nicely too if you have excess gems. I would recommend to sell 2-3 gems of the same type at any time. Most gear has more than one socket available, and people usually want to use the same type gem for all sockets.

I usually price the gems 500-1000g each, but competition also affects pricing.

Keep in mind that not everyone can afford or need these gems, so be prepared for slow, yet super profitable sales!

Good luck.
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