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Hallow's End Gold Making Guide

It's Hallow's End in WoW, and time to make some easy gold again! I'll now share how I make from hundreds to thousands of gold every day when the event is live, without any effort. You don't even necessarily need to do any farming or questing!

hallow's end gold making guide wow
Hallow's End Gold Guide
How to make gold during Hallow's End World Event

Making fast gold with Strange Dust
This tip revolves around  Strange Dust, so if it's worth more than a few gold coins each on your realm, this method should bring a good amount of easy wow gold! It's popular during Hallow's End, as it's a requirement for the quest Taking Precautions

strange dust gold making

 Strange Dust is obtained through disenchanting low level greenies, so you need enchanting for this. To get the required items, you should check the auction house. If there's level <20 green quality items going for less than 2 x Strange Dust's price, it's a good deal. Often a single item gives even 6 x Strange Dust. Armor pieces tend to give more Strange Dust than weapons, but both are profitable choices. Often when you search, you can also spot other good deals. Like low level blues going for just a few gold!

If you have wow gold to spend, you should perhaps do a bit of shopping should there be lots of cheap Strange Dust available! And re-sell them for a lot more, of course!

how to make strange dust wow
Search both Weapon and Armor categories for cheap items
and set a level limit of 20.
If you have Tailoring profession available, it's a good idea to check  Linen Cloth's price. If 4 x Linen Cloth is cheaper than 2 x Strange Dust, it's very profitable to create some Heavy Linen Gloves for example, and disenchant them.

Or if you have Leatherworking profession, check  Light Leather's price. If 3 x Light Leather is cheaper than 2 x Strange Dust, it's profitable to create some Embossed Leather Gloves, and disenchant them.

Blacksmithing / Mining
If you have Blacksmithing/Mining, see how expensive Bronze Bars, Copper Bars and Tin Bars are. Or alternatively their Ore versions. To make a Bronze Ingot, you need 1 x Copper Bar and 1 x Tin Bar and Mining profession. 5 Bronze Ingots can then be turned into Rough Bronze Shoulders, which disnechant into 4-10 Strange Dust. So see if 5 x Bronze Bar or the reagents for it are cheaper than 4 x Strange Dust.

If you have Jewelcrafting, craft Solid Bronze Rings if it's cheap, and disenchant them. Each ring costs 4 x Bronze Bar. There are many other low level accessories available also that will not cost Bronze Bars.

strange dust hallow's end wow
Sell Strange Dust in stacks of 2 for fastest sales.

No professions besides Enchanting?
If you don't have any of the professions, or don't want to spend a single coin, you should visit a low level instance and do some farming. The Deadmines, Ragefire Chasm and Wailing Caverns will yield a hundred or more Strange dust per run usually, and takes no more than a few minutes to clear.

Selling Hallow's End Achievements for Gold
One of the achievements requires a player to be transformed by a Hallowed Wand. So focus on Wands of the following types, and sell their charges in trade chat. Each wand costs only 2 treats. These are listed in the achievement The Masquerade

There are also new wands available that many people would be interested in. Particularly the Geist Wand's charges sell super fast!

Selling Hallow's End Pets for Gold
Not only can you sell the old Hallow's End pets, like Feline Familiar, but there are a few new ones as well that will sell very quick. They cost 150 Treats each. Focus your purchases on these pets if you'd like to make wow gold:
cursed birman widget the departed wow
Feline Familiar and Sinister Squashling
are the oldest of the pets, so
it may be wise to focus on
the 2 new Cats instead!

 Sinister Squashling
 Feline Familiar
 Cursed Birman
 Widget the Departed

When Hallow's End is ending, the auction house is usually full of these pets, so you can grab some good deals and re-sell them for considerably higher prices in the next months. Prices may be a bit higher this time around, as there's more choices.

Did I miss a tip? How are you making gold during Hallow's End world event? Post below!
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