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Soloing Cataclysm Heroics for Gold - Part 7 - The Vortex Pinnacle

A few more Cataclysm dungeons remain to be looted. Next up is The Vortex Pinnacle. Similar to the previous dungeon, many of you have already been solo farming this instance, as this is one of the dungeons where you not only get a good amount of wow gold, but also a bad-ass flying mount if you are lucky. Let's find out how much the loot is actually worth here when solo farming in heroic mode!

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solo farming reins of the drake ofthe north wind vortex pinnacle
Finally a 5 star instance! If you want wow gold right now, this is the place to go.

Solo Farming The Vortex Pinnacle
Vortex Pinnacle is the best instance for farming Volatile Air. If you're a long time reader, you may remember the old Loot Hunters post where we visited this instance, and it was an excellent way to make some gold if Volatile Air was expensive on your realm. This instance is profitable to farm both in normal and heroic mode.

Even if Volatile Air is worthless on your realm, it can be monopolized quite easily these days and you can turn it's price up to 50 gold each.

There's also an another reason to farm this instance. The second boss here drops the coveted Reins of the Drake of the North Wind flying mount by a 1% ish chance. The mount also drops in normal mode, so you can reset the dungeon easily if you want to farm it.

To get to the instance portal, take the portal to Uldum from your capital city. The instance portal is on one of the floating towers up in the sky above the sea, south-east of the map.

Vortex Pinnacle Achievements
These achievements are fun and easy to obtain when in solo mode. For more information, click the links.

Extra Credit Bonus Stage: There are many golden orbs "hidden" in the heroic version of the instance. Simply touch 5 of them to get the achievement. Many of them require you to do a jump off the platforms, but you cannot die if you jump down, so don't worry. One of the orbs is on the platform where you fight Altairus. To reach it, you need to get caught in one of the "tornadoes" during the fight. Stay below the orb so you get tossed up.

No Static at All: Pop all cooldowns instantly and nuke the boss down before he gets to do anything. Good DPS recommended.

Loot and solo tactics
This instance is a faceroll. You don't need any tactics here. You can also pull many groups at a time safely if you have decent gear.

Like always, I pull all trash that I can find to get as much loot as possible. I do not use Potions of Treasure Finding to eliminate some RNG, but you should drink one to get even more loot.

If you have the Golden Fleece, it's a good idea to equip it for this dungeon, as the mobs are high enough level to give experience. One missing trinket does not affect your farming performance, and you will be getting more gold in return.

Here's the details and results of a single run
  • Time: About 8 minutes
  • Farmer: 559 Windwalker Monk
  • Drops: 17 gold
  • Vendor junk (Greys, green weapons, stuff): 65 gold
  • Disenchanted greens & Lockboxes: 91 gold
  • Volatile Air (37): 555 gold
  • BOE Blue: 1 (200g - Not included in total)
  • JC Design: 1 (300g - Not included in total)
  • Embersilk: 0
Grand total:  728 gold (Varies by realm and RNG)

"Not much Embersilk to be found here, but Volatile Air is still super valuable!"

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