Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Selling Fireworks for Gold - Engineering Gold Guide

Here's another little trick to make extra gold in Warcraft with engineering. Like the previous method, this too is very simple to follow and does not require more than a few gold coins to perform. You however need to have leveled Engineering up.

wow fireworks

Fireworks Schematics Sale
Mists of Pandaria implemented many new fireworks schematics. This gold making tip focuses on creating and selling them. There's usually about 270g profit per sale.

To start, you need 500 skill points in engineering. After that, talk to a trainer to learn the Pandaria Fireworks recipe. Creating a single bundle of Pandaria Fireworks requires only 3 x High-Explosive Gunpowder. You can craft them from 2 x Ghost Iron Bar.

The Pandaria Fireworks bundle contains schematics and fireworks. You can sell them both! Schematics usually sell for 200-500 gold, and individual fireworks for 3-10 gold. There's usually no competition from my experience, and they sell surprisingly well, even though only other engineers can learn them.

Keep in mind though that if you learn one of the schematics, you can no longer loot the schematic again from the bundle. So it's a good idea to sell all the schematics.

Do not post more than one schematic of the same type at a time though, or it will look like the item is easy to obtain, and many people will not buy it then. Also keep the price high so it looks more valuable if you have no competition.

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