Saturday, October 12, 2013

Making Gold with Imbued Frostweave - Tailoring WoW Gold Guide

If you want to make some easy gold, it's always a good idea to check the prices of older tradegoods from time to time, as majority of players only make the newest MOP stuff when trying to make gold with a profession. In this case, with Tailoring. Imbued Frostweave Bolts have been a gold mine for many months now, and you should check the prices on your realm if you have Tailoring on one of your alts.

Icecrown is your best place for some instant respawn Frostweave Cloth farming, all you need for
some expensive Tailoring goodies!

Fast WoW Gold From Tailoring
Imbued Frostweave is required in 35 recipes, and there's usually a shortage of it in the auction house, as people don't usually bother making older items. If it's so on your realm also, then this is your chance to make some extra wow gold!

This gold making tip does not even require any effort. All you need is tailoring at skill 400+, and some gold, as you can get the materials easily from the auction house. Frostweave Cloth is crazy expensive on some realms, though. But if you read this instant respawn frostweave cloth farming tip, then you don't even need the auction house and can get all the reagents for the Bolts of Frostweave Cloth for free, but you need enchanting on one of your alts. You'll get a ton of cloth from the mobs, and the other reagents come from the disenchanted greenies.

How to create a Bolt of Imbued Frostweave
You can get enough Infinite Dust also if you follow this gold making tip that focuses on farming and shattering abyss crystals. On many realms they sell for less than 10 gold, and shatter into up to 12 x Infinite Dust. Though Infinite Dust is often cheap as it is.

On my realm it costs usually about 15-40 gold to make a single bolt of imbued frostweave, but I can easily sell them for 70-120 gold each as there's not that much competition. They sell surprisingly fast too, usually within 48 hours.

There's also some great ways to put the imbued bolts and other similar items into use, and essentially double your profits. But more info on that will be coming in the next tailoring gold tip most likely.

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