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Loot Hunting Week: Soloing Cataclysm Heroics for Gold - Part 3 - Hour of Twilight

End Time and Well of Eternity wasn't filled with loot. Next up is Hour of Twilight. Is this instance any better if you want to do some solo farming for wow gold? This is the last of the 3 endgame Deathwing related instances introduced in World of Warcraft Cataclysm. The previous 2 instances made little over 400 gold combined. It doesn't look good, but how much gold can you make in Hour of Twilight then?
solo hour of twilight cataclysm heroic
How much gold can you make solo farming Heroic Hour of Twilight?

Solo Farming Heroic Hour of Twilight
To be eligible for this instance, you need to clear End Time and Well of Eternity at least once, and follow the quest line to Hour of Twilight.

Like the previous 2 instances, this too is Heroic only, so you can clear it only once per day. The loot is very bad in all of these instances, so it does not matter if you can't clear it again instantly.

You can access Hour of Twilight the same way you accessed End Time and Well of Eternity. Take the portal from Dalaran to Tanaris and enter the Caverns of Time. Follow the path down and hug the right wall until you enter a portal. This leads you to the Hour of Twilight.

Hour of Twilight is quite short instance, but it involves a lot of AFKing, because you need to wait for Thrall all the time. You can't also make big pulls because the whole instance is scripted.

Don't forget that you need to talk to Thrall quite often, or he will just stop and you can't progress any further.

Bosses here are very easy, so you shouldn't have any problems clearing this instance with your favourite farmer toon.

Also, there's no point using Potion of Treasure Finding, as they don't appear to work there. And even if they did, it'd be a waste to use them.

Hour of Twilight Achievements
You can get the only achievement here very easily when soloing.

Eclipse: Don't nuke the last boss. Instead dps until the boss goes Shadowform, and kill 10 of the orbs that appear before killing the boss.

What kind of loot can you find here?
All of the Deathwing instances are quite bad when it comes to loot. If I were you, I'd stay away from these three instances and wait for a more profitable instance to pop up.

Here's the details
  • Time: About 14 minutes
  • Farmer: 548 Windwalker Monk
  • Drops: 7 gold
  • Vendor junk (Epics, greys, green weapons): 126 gold
  • DE'd greens & Lockboxes: 40 gold
  • Embersilk: 14
Grand total:  195 gold (Varies by realm and RNG)

"No one spoke with Thrall?"

Previous Cataclysm Heroics:
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