Friday, October 18, 2013

A big thank you to all readers + Massive Loot Card Giveaway!!!

I would like to thank you all for being the best readers a gold guide could have! :) There has been lots of nice mails coming from you, and you've supported the blog by showing interest in the ads on this blog, so it's time for me to show appreciation, besides thanking you!

Yaaay free loot!
As some of you may already know, I 've been collecting WoW TCG cards since it was released and during that time I have accumulated hundreds of loot cards which I already have.

Starting today, I will be giving away many of my unredeemed Loot Card Codes, one every 6-48 hours until 50 loot cards have been given away. And that's not all! Once all 50 codes have been redeemed, I will toss in extra cards, depending on how many of you participated in this giveaway over the coming weeks. First extra card is a super valuable card that is extremely hard to find even on ebay!

There's some very valuable cards among the 50 too, such as a Feldrake, a Spectral Kitten, Weather machines, Grim Campfires, Cool hearthstone alternatives and even kites such as a Dragon Kite. For more sneak peeks and information, enter the giveaway page!

Want to ride this beauty? Don't waste time!

Loot Cards are not exactly cheap, but you will get them for FREE! To not make me suffer massive losses, you have to complete a short survey or a similar offer until you are taken to the newest loot card code. You don't need to complete the survey again though, and can refresh the page freely until a loot code is live. Be fast though, as each card can be redeemed only once.

And even more loot!
As if 50+ Loot Cards are not enough, I will be giving away a card or two also on Facebook in a couple of days! You can't participate on it via this blog, so you need to pay attention to the Facebook page. You can join it by clicking the like button on the top of the right sidebar!
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