Friday, September 27, 2013

Selling Naxxramas Battle Pets - WoW Gold Guide

Now that you know how to level up a pet to 25 super fast, it's time to farm some pets that you can level up, and sell for a nice amount of gold! We'll be going to no other than good old Naxxramas, where you can get 3 unique battle pets. While you clear up the place, you'll also find lots of other valuables. All of this can be done solo, with any class!

You could get over 8000 gold from a run here previously. How much can you get these days?

Bone Spiders and Abominations
Every realm has different prices for each pet, so I would recommend to pay a visit to the auction house and check the prices for the following pets before venturing forth. Although raid pets are quite easy to monopolize, as there's never more than 1-3 for sale, and the prices can be very low sometimes.

Keep in mind though that Naxxramas is a gold mine when it comes to loot, so it's not just the pets you should be interested in. Pre-nerf you could make over 8400 gold in 30 minutes here. These days it's still easy to make about 1-2k wow gold if you have tailoring and enchanting.

Naxxramas can be soloed easily at level 90, both in 10 and 25 man mode, even if you have quest items on, so you don't need anyone stealing your precious loot. :) Only boss that can be problematic in 25 mode is Gluth due to the massive heals. Only difference in 25 mode is more loot, but the pet drop rates remain the same.

If you're not sure what Naxxramas loot is valuable, you can read the Loot Hunters Naxxramas farming tip here:

If you don't know yet, Naxxramas can be found floating in Dragonblight, next to Grizzly Hills. Naxxramas itself consists of five wings, and you are interested in clearing 3 of them, if you want nothing but the battle pets. Mouse over the items to see which pet they summon, if you need to know the pet's real name.

The Arachnid Quarter (10 and 25)
17% chance to drop Dusty Clutch of Eggs

Giant Bone Spider

The Construct Quarter (10 and 25)
17% chance to drop Gluth's Bone

Stitched Pup

The Plague Quarter (10 and 25)
17% chance to drop Blighted Spore

Fungal Abomination

Level them up!
Once you have leveled them to 25, all you have to do is go to your pet journal and right click the pet. You can then choose to "Cage the pet". While caged, you can list it in the auction house. It's a good idea to advertise your pet(s) in the /2 chat too.

If you are after achievements, the 3 pets found here count towards Raiding with Leashes  achievement. 

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Anonymous said...

you could buy really cheap these pets at AH (lvl1) and you could lvl them to 25! I buy 300-500g/pets and sell 3500-6k at lvl25 :)