Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Making gold selling MOP food - WoW Cooking Gold Guide

Everyone likes food. Be it a raider, farmer or a person who is still leveling up. Not only is Cooking incredibly fast and cheap to level up now, but there is also a lot of profit when making useful stat food, even if you don't farm the ingredients yourself. Here's a quick tip on how to make some easy wow gold without farming or big investments, especially if you already know how to cook!

wow cooking gold guide
If you don't have Cooking profession yet, you can level it up without even leaving Halfhill Market!

Cook for Agi, Str and Int classes
There are 2 types of food for each stat that you may be interested to try out. These offer 250 and 275 stats. They are cheap to make, and they can also be eaten by players not yet level 90. There's also 300 stats food that is a lot more expensive, and I wouldn't recommend to cook any. They are useful mainly for hc raiders, and even they prefer feasts instead.

Making a stack of each food for all classes for starters is a good idea to see which type sells the most. You should focus on AGI, STR and INT food only.

All the necessary recipes can be learned from the different cooking trainers in Halfhill Market, Valley of the Four Winds.

For example, to make a single Valley Stir Fry, you need only 1 x Reef Octopus and 1 x Wildfowl Breast. In most cases it costs about one gold to create it. However, the final product usually sells for 4-15 wow gold when there's less food for sale, so there's a lot of profit when you time your auctions right. This goes for most 275 food, but prices are quite a bit different on every realm. See which one is the most profitable to make before making boatloads of food on your realm.

Note that 300 stats food require spices that can be bought only with Ironpaw Tokens. However, the spices aren't BOP, so you can see if there's any for sale in the auction house. They aren't that cheap usually, though, but neither is the food!

There's also feasts you can make, but I wouldn't recommend making any. They don't sell well at all, as most guilds have cooks that make them.

Powerleveling Cooking
If you don't have cooking yet, you can talk to the cooking trainer in Halfhill Market to learn 1-520 cooking without even leaving from the spot, as long as you bring about 42 x Golden Carp with you. It's quite cheap in the auction house, but you can also fish it up anywhere in any of the nearby rivers even with fishing skill of 1.

Once the trainer can't teach you any further, speak with some of the other trainers in Halfhill Market to learn more recipes.
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