Thursday, September 19, 2013

How to level a battle pet to 25 super fast - Part 2

Battle pets have always been a great way to make wow gold. A level 1 pet listed in the auction house does not however seem very convincing, so it should be leveled to 20-25 first. The last method I posted was mainly for farming wild pets. However, this couple is superior when you want to tackle other pet trainers and get even 10 levels per win! I'll post more pet gold making tips next, so you'll get some ideas on what to level!

When you beat Aki the Chosen in a pet battle, you'll get 4000 gold coins as a reward!

Super fast pet leveling
This team is great, as you don't need to switch it for ANY of the Pandaria trainers, besides the earth spirit trainer. All you should do is tune the pet abilities should you run into a trainer that proved to be more challenging.

Your team consists of:
- Emerald Proto-Whelp can be tamed in Sholazar Basin, Northrend.
- Anubisath Idol is a drop from AQ40, but is usually in the AH too.

What works for most trainers:
  1. Start with carry pet, hit once. (If it would die, swith it to later on, but switch instantly back to other pet)
  2. Use Anubisath's Sandstorm ability and spam Crush. If opposing pet is about to perform a nuke, or is otherwise not attackable, use Deflection.
  3. Use Emerald Proto-Whelp's Emerald Presence when it's about to expire or not up. Spam Emerald Bite. Use Proto-Strike when enemy pet's nuke is not on cooldown (Usually 3 turns). If your Emerald Whelp dies, switch the third ability to Emerald Dream, and use it when it has lost 50% HP.
  4. Never use a pet that does weak attacks against the enemy.

Keep in mind that some of the enemy pets spam abilities that also damage your backrow pets. A level 1 pet cannot sustain many aoe hits. Switch to another carry pet in this case.

You can find all battle pet trainers on your world map.

Don't forget to use items that increase the pet experience gained:
There's more items, but they are harder to obtain.

This same setup can be found here, with more details:

4000 wow gold from a win!
When you beat Aki The Chosen for the first time in a pet battle, you'll get 4000 gold as a reward, and an achievement, so it's very much recommended to pay a visit to her once you've beaten all other trainers.The gold is in a bag, so it counts towards the "loot x gold" achievements.
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