Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Making gold selling Black Drakes - WoW Gold Guide

This wow gold making tip is quite unique, as I've seen only one or two other players doing this recently. However, even if there were 20 other people doing this same thing on your realm, you'd still benefit from it, as you can do this only once per week. It will also not take more than 10 minutes of your time, and you can make even 30k gold off those minutes sometimes. However, you need to be level 90 and have decent gear.

Obsidian Sanctum
Location: Dragonblight, Northrend

Black Drake Farming
Reins of the Black Drake is a guaranteed drop from Sartharion in Obsidian Sanctum. However, many people do not think that this mount can be solo farmed, or are too low level to do it, and are ready to pay for it.

The goal is very simple. Bring a player with you who is interested in the Reins of the Black Drake, and allow them to loot the mount. To make the mount drop, you need to engage Sartharion while the 3 other drakes are up.

If you're a tank class with good survivability, you can skip the other trash mobs too and go straight to the boss, and let the 30 trash mobs beat some vengeance into you.

Selling your drakes
To find a person who is interested in the mount, simply use the trade channel. Example macros would look something like this:

/2 WTS {skull} [Reins of the Black Drake] {skull} Boost Run in OS10! Guaranteed drop! Only 5k!

/2 WTS {skull} [Reins of the Black Drake] {skull} Send me your offer!

If you are asking for 10k+ wow gold for your service, it may not be a good idea to include your price in the macro. Instead let people send you their offers. Personally I don't have any set price, but let people give me their offers. The offers are usually between 1-15k, but I've sold a few for even 40k.

A player should be at least level 80 to enter, but the limit could be even 75.

To get to Obsidian Sanctum, you need to fly from Dalaran to Dragonblight, and enter the last floor of Wyrmrest Keep, way below the surface.

black drake mount solo farming
Black Drake Mount
Making even more wow gold
If you can do 400k+ dps burst damage, you can also do this in 25 player setting and get the Reins of the Twilight Drake instead, which looks a lot more interesting than the black drake. People are usually willing to spend 2-5x more wow gold on it.

You can also try one of the other mount farming tips found here in this wow gold guide: Mount Farming

And sell those mounts instead. However, most of them are not guaranteed drops, so you can ask for gold only if the mount drops, and assign it to the customer with master looter setting. As they aren't guaranteed drops, you can ask for a lot more wow gold for them.

A very good choice would be Ashes of Al'ar. I've sold several runs for even 150k gold, but so far the mount has not dropped when boosting.

twilight drake mount solo farming
Twilight Drake Mount
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WTBGold said...

Great idea, makes me wish I had more 90s, but glad that all the ones I have are tank OS.

Also, I like your blog. I've ended up on it a few times so far while researching various topics. Keep up the good work, man!

Unknown said...

How is it possible to solo this when shadron keeps making sartharion immune?

Anonymous said...

Joshua, you need to be able to do a certain amount of dps to kill Sarth before he goes immune. In 10 man it's a relatively easy task to complete though.

Anonymous said...

I have to say I like this method. Sold 4 Drakes in 2 weeks, 3k per run. It's cheap because I just look at it as a bit of extra cash, which has so far leveled my new Tailor and Engineer