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Making GOLD With Agility Food - Cooking Gold Guide

Some of the food items are very useful when people want to level the fastest. Sadly, the auction houses are often empty of useful leveling food, especially those from earlier expansions. This is good though, as you can fill this void yourself and reap the wow gold to yourself! Cooking isn't needed, as you can just sell the cooking materials instead, though you won't make as much gold then.

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You don't necessarily need cooking to make gold with these tips, but it can even triple your gold!

Cooking for Agi users
There's gold to be made mainly in foods that increase STR, AGI, INT, AP or Spellpower. But let's start with the food that all Agi classes will love. Half of these suit Str classes too, but I will go through caster food too later on, and other ways to make gold with leveling and food items.

There's a lot more food items than those that I will go through, but they have lower or similar buffs, so they won't be mentioned.

Pricing is for you to decide. I usually sell in stacks of 20 and ask for about 200-500 gold per stack, less if there's already someone selling them. However, people rarely visit the auction house when leveling, so you have to advertise your cookings in the trade chat! It's a good idea to include a few other words than just "WTS <item>". Mention that it increases leveling speed considerably and one should not level an alt without proper buffs.

If you have all of the following foods, you should advertise them as a whole 1-90 powerleveling food set. More information on leveling packages and wow gold making macros to be used with them coming in the coming weeks, so stay tuned if you can't think of macros to use.

Level 35
Grilled Squid is the first cooking item that increases agility. You can learn it from any cooking trainer. To cook one, you need a single Winter Squid. Good zones for fishing Winter Squids are Swamp of Sorrows and Blasted Lands. A fishing skill of 300+ is recommended to avoid junk items.

Level 45
Bear Kabobs increase AP instead of Agi. Since Cataclysm, you can learn this item from your local cooking trainer. It's not noticeably better than Grilled Squid, but at least you don't need to go fishing this time! A Bear Flank is needed to make one. Any level 30+ bear will be a good source of these.

However, the top 3 killed bears with a 50% drop rate are: Shardtooth Bear, Shaggy Black Bear and Tainted Black Bear.

Level 55
Now it's already time for Outland recipes! There's a couple agi foods at this level, but Warp Burger seems to sell the best. You can cook Warp Burgers with Warped Flesh. An excellent way to get these is to farm Warp Stalkers in Terokkar Forest.

You can learn the recipe from Recipe: Warp Burger. It is sold by the innkeepers in Stonebreaker Hold and Allerian Stronghold in Terokkar Forest.

You can alternatively make Grilled Mudfish if there's fishbots on your realm and the auction house is filled with cheap Figluster's Mudfish. The recipe is Recipe: Grilled Mudfish and it's sold by Kurenai or Mag'har cooking vendor in Nagrand.

Level 70
This food shines. A massive 80 AP and 40 Stamina boost! It's super easy to make too, as the Mammoths you should kill have instant respawn. However, the Recipe: Mega Mammoth Meal must be purchased from Dalaran with 3 Epicurean's Awards. You can get them from Cooking dailies.

You need 2 x Chunk o' Mammoth for one meal and also Northern Spices. The spices can be found from the Auction House usually, but you can also exchange your epicurean's awards for them at the same cooking trainer.

If you want instant respawn mammoths, then head over to Borean Tundra. On the northern part of the zone, between Magmoth and Talramas, you can find several groups of Wooly Mammoths. As a high level toon you can one shot these groups and they respawn instantly. You'll have multiple stacks of meat in no time!

If you don't have cooking, then this is the spot to farm for meat and sell it as it is.

Level 80
This is the only Cataclysm food you will need. Recipe: Skewered Eel is sold by cooking suppliers in every bigger city. It too costs 3 x Epicurean's Award. Fathom Eels should be fished in Tol Barad Peninsula only. You can get there via a portal in your capital city. You don't need more than 1 fishing skill if you fish from the pools.

Level 85
This is a must have for any level 85 toon. However, because it's Panda food, you won't be the only one selling it. See the auction house if it's profitable to sell. It's very easy to make too, as you can learn it from a cooking trainer and the Juicycrunch Carrots you will need will most likely be very cheap in the auction house.

There's also a level 87 food item that offers 25 extra agility, called Valley Stir Fry. The materials are bit more expensive ( Reef Octopus & Wildfowl Breast), but even raiders prefer this food, so it's a good bet.

It's becoming a lengthy post, so I will post caster foods in a different post.

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