Saturday, June 15, 2013

Gold Making Contest - Win an Armored Bloodwing or Blossoming Ancient

You loved the last giveaway, so let's give away even more cool stuff! It's very simple to take part again, but this time you'll have to think too. The reward will be the newest Blizzard Store mount, Armored Bloodwing. All you have to do to win it is to post a gold making tip of your own! If there's many great tips posted and more than one deserves the prize, I will toss in a few Blossoming Ancient pets as well as needed, also from the Blizzard Store.

Armored Bloodwing
Post a gold making tip of your own and win a mount or a pet!

Reveal your secrets!
To take part, you have to follow the simple steps below.
  1. Visit the Loot Hunter Forum
  2. Register if you haven't
  3. Go to the appropriate gold making category (Farming, Professions)
  4. Create a new post and tell everyone a way to make wow gold
  5. The more time you spend on making the post, the better your chances are at winning
  6. Wait 1-2 weeks and see your PM if you won!
If your method is too volatile and would lose it's gold making potential if hundreds of people saw it, then you can send me a PM after you have posted it, so I can move it to the elite tips which prevent saturation. A tip this good usually gives you access to the elite section as well.

You can post as many tips as you want, but if they are re-posts from this blog, then only the first post will eligible. Note that if you post such a tip, you only have a chance if it's an older, forgotten method that still works as good, if not better.

Winner will not be selected randomly. If possible, I will test every tip that has been posted since today personally and see which one of them made me the most gold in a specific amount of time (15-30 min), but your post's quality also greatly improves winning chances. Spent more than a minute making it? Took some screenshots too? Victory is likely!

I will also consider other tips that didn't make as much gold, if they are either unique, creative or just fun to do

I may increase the time limit from 1-2 weeks there's not enough participants. Note that tips which require real money are not likely to win.

Do you want more gold tips? Don't forget to share!