Monday, May 13, 2013

Making gold farming Borean Leather - WoW Gold Guide

People usually stick to farming and selling newest trade goods. Sure, they sell almost instantly, but what about older trade goods? Borean Leather is an excellent example. No one farms it on my realm, but there's new leatherworkers every day that need it to level their profession. If they don't have skinning, they are usually ready to pay big to get past those levels!

Where does this portal take you? To the Gold Mine!
Farming Borean Leather can give you thousands of gold a hour. Exotic leather? Not so much.

Exotic Leather vs. Borean Leather
I have so many Spirits of Harmony that I chose to buy some Exotic Leather and see how much gold there is to be made. I tried 5 stacks and they sold within 10 minutes. I managed to get 80 wow gold per stack, meaning I converted
5 Spirits of Harmony into 400 wow gold.

Not bad, but then I noticed the price of Borean Leather. Almost 400 gold a stack instead. The next day it was 200 gold per stack, and then almost 300 gold on the third day. The price continued to stay above 200 gold. Sometimes it dropped way below 100g a stack, but there were never a lot of it available, so I just flipped them all. They didn't sell as fast as Exotic Leather, but the profit was huge.

And as a side note, there's many more items you can buy with Spirits of Harmony, and I may make a post of it's own at some point where I tell you how to turn them into most wow gold.

No skinning required
Farming Borean Leather is a lot easier and faster than Exotic Leather. There's also zero competition, so you get the best farming spots usually, despite CRZ.

However, because of no competition, you don't necessarily even need skinning. From my experience the borean leather that appears in auction house is just from someone leveling skinning past 350.

The price is often even lower than 20g a stack, so its a safe bet to buy them and add a zero to the price. They will sell for that amount, unless you get undercut.

Even today I've sold 9 stacks for 300 gold each so far, and there's no competition. Even if competition appears, I take care of it. Borean Leather is easy to monopolize and I recommend you to give it a try, unless someone else from your realm attempts to do the same.

To get most sales, It's a good idea to sell both stacks of 20 and 10. Perhaps 5 too.

Best way to farm Borean Leather
If you have skinning and are level 85+, I recommend you to solo farm this in the Oculus instance, in Borean Tundra. Just enter the instance and run past all the dragonkin until you arrive at the teleport orb. You can then aoe the mobs down easily, AOE loot them and give your skinning knife some work. A single run takes no more than a few minutes.

You can do this 5 times a hour, and then you've hit the instance cap. 5 runs usually equals in even 200 Borean Leather, or 2000 wow gold if you sell a stack for 200 wow gold.
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