Friday, April 19, 2013

Loot Hunters: Solo Farming Blackwing Lair

Blackwing Lair has been accessible by solo farmers since they made the first boss soloable some patches ago. Not many have gone here for gold making purposes, though. So the big question is: What kind of treasures can you find when you clear this place alone? Not even a raid group is required anymore, so this will be fast to clear!

solo razorgore
BWL is a decent place to make some wow gold! But it does not beat Molten Core or Sunwell.

How to Solo Razorgore
This instance is very simple now. Only Razorgore the Untamed may cause a wipe if you're not careful enough, but otherwise it's easy as pie. For the first boss you need to use the controlling orb and move the boss to the eggs in the room and destroy them with button 4, one at a time. Adds will continue to spawn during the encounter and you have to make sure that the boss does not get killed before all eggs are destroyed.

To make sure the boss does not die too soon, don't perform any other attacks while controlling the boss, besides the Destroy Egg and Calm Dragonkin ability. The second spell is useful, as you can put an unlimited amount of dragonkins to sleep so the boss won't take as much beating.

Once there is about 3 orcs attacking the boss, it's wise to hit ESC and take care of them, and also aoe the other adds trying to kill you. Then repeat until all eggs are destroyed.

Other bosses here won't need any tactics. Just enjoy the loot!

Making gold in Blackwing Lair
Vanilla raids offer lots of valuable loot, perhaps even more valuable than most TBC raids, Sunwell excluded. Sunwell was visited in 2011 so it's a bit outdated now, as you can solo the whole raid now. I will create a Loot Hunters post again about it at some point.

As for BWL, the loot is similar to that of Molten Core, but less valuable.

Epics are worthless here, so do not disenchant them under any circumstance. They are a lot more valuable when you vendor them instead.

From a single run which took about 15 minutes I received the following loot:
  • 23 Junk
  • 25 Epics
  • 7 Greens
  • 2 Blues
  • 2 Sacks of gems
  • 5 Stacks of Runecloth
  • 33 gold from drops
Total gold after vendoring epics and junk was 201 wow gold. Many of the high level vanilla greens can be sold for thousands if you're patient, but I will just disenchant them as I have no interest in the transmog market. After disenchanting the greens, selling the gems, blues and runecloth, I managed to get 492 wow gold.

Total: 693 gold.
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