Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Selling Blackwing Lair Battle Pets + WoW TCG Loot Card Giveaway!

Here's the second part of farming older raids for battle pets. First part focused on selling raid pets from Molten Core, this time we'll go through Blackwing Lair, which too is an old vanilla raid. Pre-Mists of Pandaria it was very hard to get past the first boss when soloing, but now it's very easy. This place has lots of gold drops also, so you won't be making gold from battle pets alone!

I will be giving a bunch of TCG Loot Cards away! First giveaway ends now, and a new owner for the battle pet Gusting Grimoire will be picked momentarily! Check your inbox if you participated in the previous giveaway. Second giveaway for a new WoW TCG Loot Card begins now!

solo razorgore
Blackwing Lair offers lots of treasures, and one can clear it easily now in solo mode!

Solo farming Blackwing Lair
All of the older raids are easily soloable by anyone high enough in levels. The first boss here can be tricky though if you're not careful or don't have high enough health pool.

Razorgore solo tactics
The goal is to destroy the eggs that are covering the floor. To do this, you must mind control the boss, Razorgore the Untamed, by using the orb on the left platform. When mind controlled, you get a new action bar. Move the boss next to an egg and destroy it. Repeat until the eggs are destroyed, then kill Razorgore.

If too many adds are on either you or razorgore, you should AOE them down or you will fail.

Blackwing Lair offers the following pets that can be sold:
Mouse over the items to see which boss drops them. They have about a 10-35% drop rate, and not 7% ish like the tooltip suggests. You can kill each boss once per lockout on each of your toons. As these pets cannot be sold as they are, you need to cage the pets by right clicking them in your pet journal after "learning" them.

Their price depends on how many other people are selling them on your realm. If you level them up before selling, their value increases a LOT and someone will also buy it faster then. Leveling a pet to 25 is not fast though, unless you have a level 25 pet that can boost. If no one else is selling them, I recommend to put a price tag of 5000 gold for starters, even if it's a level 1 pet. Level 25 pets usually sell for at least triple of what a level 1 sells, sometimes even 20x more.

On larger realms you're rarely the only one selling a certain pet, so check the prices if they are worth farming before doing anything.

There's lots of new raid pets to be found, and I wll create a post for each of them. Collect all of these pets and you will get a special achievement and an additional, unique pet as a reward!

More ways to make gold in Blackwing Lair
Blackwing Lair offers lots of other sources for wow gold. Loot Hunters haven't tackled BWL yet, but you should soon see a post about it to know the exact drops and how much gold there's to be made when soloing this instance.

Blackwing Lair is located inside Blackrock Mountain, between Searing Gorge and Burning Steppes. The entrance portal is close to Blackrock Spire instance.

Loot Card giveaway Part 2!
fools gold wow
Fool's Gold
I will give three or more loot card codes away in the next posts, one in each.

This time I will give away the loot Fool's Gold. When used, it summons a fake gold vein that players can mine and attract greedy kobold pets! The item is not consumed on use, so you can use it unlimited times. This one too can be sold for lots of wow gold, but you have to sell the code instead of the item itself.

To get it...
  1. Simply share this gold making post in facebook or twitter by using the share buttons or make a manual post linking to Kuja's Gold Mine.
  2. Post a random comment below.
  3. Include either your Loot Hunter forum username in your comment or leave your email and I will contact you that way if you win.
The date of your share will be verified, so don't miss that skip! Only one comment counts, and I will choose a random comment who will receive the loot code when the next gold making post goes live.

Previous Winners:
JDHooked - Gusting Grimoire

Good luck!
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