Saturday, March 9, 2013

Jade Forest Treasure Hunt - WoW Gold Guide

Here's a small little thing to do if you want some wow gold right now, and don't want to farm or play the auction house! All you have to do is visit Jade Forest, pick up some items and vendor them. Fastest gold yet from this zone, but sadly this is not repeatable! But at least you will be getting achievements, and Relic Hunter-title, if you do this for the other zones as well.

Treasure Hunting in Jade Forest
This method is very simple, and does not even require a flying mount, although it helps. However, you must be level 85+. Every Pandaria zone is covered in treasures. There's greys, gems and gold coins. There's also more valuable items that you can equip or keep in your bags. The gold is coming from the greys, treasures and gems. Most players haven't even noticed these, so they're always there waiting for you.

Here's the treasures you can find while in Jade Forest.

jade forest treasures

1. Pandaren Ritual Stone
pandaren ritual stone

Location: 23,35
Vendor price: 105 gold

2. Ancient Pandaren Tea Pot
Ancient Pandaren Tea Pot

Location: 26,32
Vendor price:  100 gold

3. Lucky Pandaren Coin
Lucky Pandaren Coin

Location: 31,27
Vendor price: 95 gold

4. No gold gained here

5. No gold gained here

6. No gold gained here

7. Gem cache in a cave

Gem cache in a cave

Location: 62,27
Contains: Gold coins and Gems

Monsters are level 90 here and flying mount helps getting here, and out of here.

8. Offering for the Dead
Offering for the Dead

Location: 46,80
Contains: Gold coins

If you think you can find a better use for these gold coins and choose to loot them, a curse falls upon you! Thankfully, it's not too serious, as all that happens is just your mounts turning white/colorless for a while. Extra cool looking!

9. Sunken Treasure
Sunken Treasure

Location: 51,100
Contains: Gold coins

What are the rest of the numbers on the map?
There's many more treasures awaiting you in each of the World of Warcraft Mists of Pandaria zones. However, they will not make you any gold, so I will be talking more about them when Loot Hunter gets a new, shiny site and is made free to use. There will be lots more than treasures then, too!
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