Monday, February 11, 2013

Lovely Charm Farming inside an instance - 80 Lovely Charms in 5 minutes

The previous Lovely Charm farming tip in Valley of the Four Winds is very saturated currently, and possibly even nerfed by now. Here's an another great spot to farm some Lovely Charms for your Love Tokens. This time you're doing the farming inside an instance, so there's no one stealing your kills and no risk of getting stabbed in the back by the opposing faction.

lovely charm farming 2013
Throne of the Tides
This Lovely Charm farming tip is great, as it's inside an instance!

Throne of the Tides Heroic Farming
This farming tip focuses on killing the Unstable Corruptions that spawn continuously in the tunnel that takes you to the last boss in Throne of the Tides. As you need to fight at least green mobs, you have to do this in heroic mode. Otherwise monsters in here are level 80, and thus grey. If you're not level 90 yet, then you can do it in normal mode, which is soloable even at level 85.

You can skip all bosses except the first one. It takes about 10 minutes to reach the Unstable Corruptions and you might have a rough time getting there if your gear sucks and don't have self heals available, but after that you can relax and one shot these mobs with your AOEs. They have no spawn limits, so you can farm these until your bags are full of Lovely Charms.

They are level 85 with less than 10k hp.

  • These mobs are inside an instance
  • No competition
  • Almost instant respawns
  • Can be killed with one hit
In order to get Lovely Charms, you need to have the Lovely Charm Collector's Kit in your possession. You can grab it from the goblins in a capital city.

Throne of the Tides entrance location
You can get to Throne of the Tides by taking the portal to Vashj'ir in your capital city, and taking a dive into the giant vortex in Abyssal Breach, found in Abyssal Depths in World of Warcraft.

throne of the tides entrance
Throne of the Tides Entrance
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