Sunday, February 10, 2013

Farming 1000 Lovely Charms in 10 minutes at max level

Love is in the air once again in World of Warcraft and it's time to farm some more Lovely Charms in order to create Lovely Charm Bracelets! These can be exchanged for Love Tokens, that can be used to purchase items that can be sold for lots of wow gold, like Swift Lovebird. There's always one or two superior ways to farm hundreds of lovely charms in minutes, but they always get nerfed pretty soon. Let's see how this method lasts! You need to be level 90 for this method.

lovely charm bracelet farming
Farming thousands of Lovely Charms easily at level 90

Best place to farm Lovely Charms at level 90
This method focuses on the farming of the adds, Light Watchers, that swarm you when in combat with the quest mob Skiggit. Not sure if they spawn when not in combat with it. You do not need to have a quest, but you do need a flying mount, as Skiggit can be found in a hidden hole found on the side of a huge mountain in Valley of the Four Winds.

The entrance is hard to notice, but if you know where to look, you can spot it easier. Once there, engage in combat with Skiggit and aoe the adds that spawn. Most likely there's already a few other players farming here, so all you have to do is focus on the adds and not worry about Skiggit attacking you. You NEED to have AOEs. Lots of them.

If you are alone here, you can get hundreds of Lovely Charms here, even a thousand in a very little amount of time here. Afaik, this is the best place to farm. Enjoy it until it gets nerfed. :)

In order to get Lovely Charms, you need to have the Lovely Charm Collector's Kit in your possession. You can grab it from the goblins in a capital city.

You don't have to farm for long until your bags are
already full!

lovely charm farming
Valley of The Four Winds
Farming spot is located at the player's position, underground.

love token farming
Valley of the Four Winds
The entrance to Skiggit's cave is hidden well.

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