Thursday, January 3, 2013

Loot Hunters: Lost City of the Tol'vir Solo Farming - WoW Gold Guide

It's time to hunt for more loot in Cataclysm dungeons. There's still some of them remaining. Heroics won't be tackled this time, as all of them offer only slightly better loot and take longer to clear. The amount of loot each dungeon offers can be seen in the AOE Looting Cataclysm dungeons post.

The Loot Hunters contests have been scrapped for the time being due to lack of participants! The last reward goes to a random poster in the previous post. I will notify the winner later today. Check your PM in the Loot Hunter forum if you participated to see if you won! I still have some game cards at hand so those will be the prize today too!

aoe looting soloing lost city of tolvir
Lost City of Tol'vir
This instance is perfect if you want to get some fast loot, as you can use your mount here and
do super big pulls.

Soloing Lost City of Tol'vir
This instance offers no special loot, but there's lots of level 85 humanoids present, which usually equals in lots of Embersilk Cloth. What I like the most in this instance is that you can use your mount here, allowing you to make super big pulls, provided you can handle the beating. Some mobs like to leash though, so better to not try it with a single pull. c:

It's quite easy and requires no specific class. A level 90 toon is recommended though. If you have a tank spec or a tanky pet, you can do the instance in just a few pulls. I don't recommend skipping any mobs though.

If you're wearing a Cata reputation tabard, this is one of the instances that gives you reputation when killing monsters here, like all level 85 instances.

Etrance to the Lost City can be
found in Uldum. You can see it
in the map too. To get to Uldum
fast, use the portal located in
your capital city.
It's also very easy to solo in Heroic mode. Heroic mode offers slighly better loot here, but you can do it only once in a day and it takes longer as you can't pull as big then.

Also, when you are done with the instance, you can get back to the entrance fast and reset it. A single run took about 13 minutes and I did it with 4 pulls. I didn't skip any mobs. Like usually, I used a Potion of Treasure Finding to get even more loot. When used, each monster has a chance of dropping a Tiny Treasure Chest which contains gold and other trade goods.

Here's what was found in 13 minutes:
  • Tiny Treasure Chest x 6
  • Elementium Lockbox x 1
  • Staff of Solem Secrecy x 1
  • Embersilk Cloth x 36
  • Green items x 6
  • Blue BOP items x 5
  • Vendor junk x 14
  • Gold from drops: 26
After opening the chests and lockbox, disenchanting greenies, selling the blues, the total amount of gold obtained was: 665 gold

The amount stays at the same range, because on my second run I obtained 590 gold instead.

This could be increased even more if you have tailoring and especially if you put Embersilk Cloth into better use, such as creating bags or greenies which you can then disenchant. Also, Embersilk's price keeps changing between 1 to 5 gold each on my realm, so I counted them as 1 gold.

These items sell surprisingly fast too. After only one 12 hour listing, most of them were already sold.
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