Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Best farming locations with AOE looting - Part 2 - Cataclysm Dungeons

I promised to continue the list of profitable places to AOE farm once MOP has been released and our item levels increased significantly. We are now at the point where it's easy to solo even Cataclysm raids, or at least heroic 5 mans with any class. Read on which of the Cataclysm dungeons offer the most loot when soloed! Because of the lack of gold making posts recently, I will create multiple Loot Hunters posts in the coming days to get some new content for you, and this list of dungeons complete!

Best AOE Looting Spots
Part 2 focuses on Cataclysm dungeons alone. What kind of treasures
do they offer when soloed fast at level 90?

Soloing and AOE looting Cataclysm dungeons
For now I will focus on normal difficulty Cataclysm dungeons that have a Loot Hunters post already. Next posts will be new Loot Hunters posts, containing the rest of the Cataclysm normals so we can see what kind of loot they reward. After that it's time to tackle some raids, including Cata raids and the long awaited Icecrown Citadel!

Cataclysm normal dungeons are very fun to solo, and they are surprisingly profitable if you have enchanting, so you can disenchant the green loot. Blue bop items should always be vendored.

Sadly, Cata dungeons
are not a great source of
embersilk cloth!
However, before venturing on to the most profitable dungeon, I highly recommend you to grab some Potions of Treasure Finding to find even more loot. Although there aren't that many alchemists selling Cata treasure finding pots these days. It's more profitable to make them yourself usually, and sell some too while at it. On some realms they sell for hundreds each, so I may just dedicate a gold making post just for the potion alone at some point.

Because we're using the Treasure Finding potion and will be doing big pulls to put AOE looting into use, no mobs should be skipped

Some of these dungeons also offer other kinds of loot, such as mounts!

Here's the list of dungeons I cleared with big pulls and lots of AOE looting. Like always, a tank spec or a tanky pet is recommended so you can pull big and clear the instances as fast as possible. A run takes about 10-15 minutes usually. I didn't include BOE blues or epics into the total amounts, even though finding boe blues from instances like Vortex Pinnacle is almost guaranteed every time.

Of course, all drops are RNG and you might get 200 gold on your first run, and 500 gold on second. But it doesn't really change that much.

This post will be edited later on to create a compilation once rest of the Cata dungeons have been visited in their own Loot Hunters post.

The Stonecore
soloing stonecoreLocation: Deepholm

You can find Reins of the Vitreous Stone Drake from the second boss here!

Greens: 4
Tiny Treasure Chests: 7
Vendor junk: 25
Embersilk Cloth: 25

Total gold earned: 315 gold

Throne of the Tides
soloing throne of tidesLocation: Vashj'ir

Greens: 5
Tiny Treasure Chests: 2
Vendor junk: 11
Embersilk Cloth: 19
Volatile Water: 3

Total gold earned: 232 gold

The Vortex Pinnacle
soloing vortex pinnacleLocation: Uldum

You can find Reins of the Drake of the North Wind from the second boss here!

Greens: 5
BOE Blues: 2 (+ 700 gold)
Tiny Treasure Chests: 4
Vendor junk: 13
Embersilk Cloth: 9
Volatile Air: 9

Total gold earned: 308 gold

Blackrock Caverns
soloing blackrock cavernsLocation: Blackrock Mountain

Greens: 7
Tiny Treasure Chests: 6
Vendor junk: 18
Embersilk Cloth: 26

Total gold earned: 477 gold

Lost City of The Tol'vir
Location: Uldum

Greens: 6
BOE blue: 1 (+199 gold)
Tiny Treasure Chests: 6
Vendor junk: 19
Embersilk Cloth: 36
Other valuables: 1

Total gold earned: 466 gold

Grim Batol
Location: Twilight Highlands

Greens: 10
BOE blue: 1 (+400 gold)
Tiny Treasure Chests: 4
Vendor junk: 15
Embersilk Cloth: 83

Total gold earned: 521 gold

Halls of Origination
Location: Uldum

There's not a lot of trash mobs here, so you can't make huge pulls.

Greens: 3
BOE blue: 1 (+300 gold)
Tiny Treasure Chests: 2
Vendor junk: 15
Embersilk Cloth: 15
Other valuables: 8

Total gold earned: 325 gold

More coming!
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