Monday, November 5, 2012

Instant Respawn Frostweave Cloth Farming - 2112 gold in 30 minutes

Frostweave Cloth farming in World of Warcraft has always been a nice way to make some fast wow gold. It's needed in oh-too-many recipes, so there seems to always be a lack of it in the auction house. This makes it's price very high usually. You may already be aware of the old Converted Hero Frostweave Cloth farming tip, but I like this "new" method more, as these mobs respawn instantly and I don't even need to move around! I haven't seen even any competition here, for now.

AOE Farming Instant Respawn Frostweave Cloth
There are many great Frostweave Cloth farming spots. This is my favourite because it's a secluded spot in Icecrown.

Dot, Dot, Dot, Dot. Repeat. Loot!
This method focuses on killing level 80 non-elite Vrykul non-stop. These all drop up to 4 Frostweave Cloth and lots of different items, including over 30 silver each. Also, a level 80 Northrend creature has a small chance of dropping valuable loot, including Damaged Necklaces and Books of Glyph Mastery.

aoe looting frostweave cloth
AOE Looting Frostweave
Your loot window should look like this
after every 2 minutes!
The Vrykul you're going to farm are located in Icecrown, Savage Ledge. This place is next to The Shadow Vault flightpath, mailbox and vendors, so it takes only a moment to to sell the greys and mail other stuff to your bank alt.

These mobs, Mjordin Combatants are all clustered in a small area, sparring with each other. If you're at least level 80, you should have some panda greenies or blues on you for some easy kills. These also offer a decent amount of experience if you're under level 85. (Over a million with rested from 30 minutes of farming)

More DOTS!
My strategy as a Warlock is to go affliction and stand in the middle of the area where they spawn and simply corrupt each mob (More dot damage and self heals). The trick is to not instakill them, but to lure them to where you are standing, and die by the time they have arrived. One corruption is more than enough to kill a Mjordin Combatant. When they are all dead, 4 more have respawned. When those are dead too, 4 more spawns. The spawns are unlimited and instant, so there's no waiting required. Thank the maker for AOE loot!

Recommended class: Shadow Priest or Warlock (You want to have dots!)

Loot from 30 minutes of farming with Northern Cloth Scavenging:
  • 154 gold from drops
  • 441 Frostweave Cloth (AH'd for 1494 gold - Could make more with Bags)
  • 7 Greenies (Vendored for 40 gold - Could make more with Disenchants)
  • 1 Book of Glyph Mastery (AH'd for 250 gold)
  • 1 Blue Necklace (AH'd for 50 gold)
  • 19 Greys (Vendored for 50 gold)
  • 184 Cloth Scraps (Vendored for 48 gold)
  • Lots of other junk (Vendored for 26 gold)
Total gold received in 30 minutes: 2112 wow gold

Not too shabby?

aoe farming frostweave cloth
In just a few minutes you will be knee-deep in Vrykul corpses.

frostweave aoe farming location
Instant respawn Frostweave Cloth farming
Mjordin Combatants are located next to The Shadow Vault
in Icecrown.
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