Sunday, November 4, 2012

First ever Gold Making Guild is recruiting!

There's a brand new gold making guild on the Alliance side of the EU realm Outland. This guild is called Gold Mine. We currently have 15 gold addicts and have managed to level the guild almost to level 7. If you are interested in starting a new character on a brand new realm, and not start empty handed, this is your chance!

Limited spots
A gold making guild is suitable for all kinds of players, be it a brand new level 1 toon or a full epic 90 raider. The goal of a gold making guild is to make the members rich, or at least give them gold to start out. Every person in Gold Mine is interested in making gold, so there are lots of discussion about hot gold making topics.

Keep in mind though that the spots are limited. The amount of free spots depends on the current activity of the guild members.

Member benefits:
  • Free gold giveaways!
  • Free repairs!
  • Free stuff in guild bank that speeds leveling (Potions, bags, flasks, enchants etc.) !
  • Fun guild events with shiny rewards!
  • 10% extra exp from kills and quests!

Joining the Guild
To join, whisper any member of the guild and ask for an invite. To see online members, type /who Gold Mine. You can alternatively whisper Goldmine, the guildmaster if she's online.

Leveling the Guild up

Since there's lots of levels still remaining, members are encouraged to level the guild up in order to unlock all guild perks. That said, top contributors per level will receive roughly 5000g gold, amount depending on the current level of the guild (The higher the guild level, the more gold will be given)!

I'm part of this guild as well, and will provide lots of never before heard gold tips myself, only for the guild members of course! We will also arrange lots of guild activities once we have more players. All activities are of course related to making gold, or giving it as a reward.

See you ingame!

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