Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Darkmoon Faire Gold Guide - Making Gold with Quest items!

You may have been buying the quest starting items that award experience,Darkmoon Faire reputation and tickets. You may also have noticed that their price is often more than you would like to pay for one. Have you ever taken a look at the these items and their buyout price when Darkmoon Faire has passed? On most realms, there's lots of gold to be made!

darkmoon faire gold guide
While on the Darkmoon Island, why not go hug the little bunny! She bites though! O:

More easy gold from Darkmoon Faire!
This is one of the simplest way to make gold! There's 9 blue quality items that start a quest that's objective is to simply turn it in when Darkmoon Faire is in town, or in the Island. These items drop from equal level bosses in instances, as long as you have Darkmoon Adventurer's Guide in your bags. You can get this guide from the Darkmoon Faire.

However, doing dungeons with the guide and then selling the quest starter items straight is not what this trick is about! When Darkmoon Faire starts, people rush into the AH usually and buy these said items, making their price rise a lot usually, at least for a while. When Darkmoon Faire has not been around for a week or so, their prices drop dramatically. It's been only 4 days since it ended and already there's many items going for less than 20 gold. People simply undercut and undercut and wonder why no one is buying them. This is where you come in!

Simply buy each of the following items that are going for less than, say, 50 gold. This is realm dependant though, so it's recommended to know their prices during DMF as well before buying them all out.

The day before DMF starts, relist these for 500g each instead. At this point there should be no other sellers for most of the items. This changes quickly though, so it won't take many days before the prices are back to 100g ish. Still, there's profit to be made for as long as the event lasts.

Take an example: Last month when Darkmoon Faire was about to start in a week, I purchased about 40 DMF quest items for less than 1000g, many of each type. During the next Darkmoon Faire I sold all of them for 200-500 gold EACH. They sell surprisingly fast too on a larger realm!

Here's the list of items you should be flipping:
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Austacker said...

To be fair though, anyone looking for these items on the AH to hand in each DMF will know they have a week to do so and that once the extras start flooding in, prices will drop accordingly.

You might get a few early sales, but I probably wouldn't try and depend too much on this strat for regular profits.