Monday, October 22, 2012

Selling Skyguard Reputation for Gold

Farming reputation in order to get rare mounts or other goodies is always a pain. Sometimes there's gold to be made easing this pain by selling items that give reputation to the faction in question. Last method focused on selling items to get one exalted with Sporeggar, today we're focusing on Sha'tari Skyguard. At exalted people gain access to many flying mounts, such as Purple Riding Nether Ray and Nether Ray Fry companion pet. 

sha'tari skyguard reputation selling
There's thousands of gold to be made!
Monsters in Skettis can be killed with one hit. This makes it a fast, but repetitive gold grind.
Grab some popcorn and enjoy some music to make it more fun!

Fun way to make gold
There are multiple items that are used in Sha'tari Skyguard reputation quests. Most of these can be sold in the auction house. Although selling these in the trade chat is way more beneficial. A good example macro for selling these is provided later on in the post.

Your best income will come from Shadow Dust, an item that is used in a repeatable quest. This is dropped by every arakkoa in Skettis, Terokkar Forest. It's roughly a 45% drop chance. Monsters in here are level 70 and you need to have a flying mount to reach this place.

A good way to farm these is to land on the arakkoa platforms, do the small circle around them so you can gather all the nearby mobs and then aoe them to death. This takes a few seconds and then you can proceed to the next platform. Once the platforms are cleared, there's more arakkoa on the ground everywhere in Skettis. There is no point killing these individually. Do as big pulls as you can.

Thanks to cross-realm zones, you will most likely have competition these days, so if you can, do not farm here during peak hours.

It's up to you how much you charge per Shadow Dust. I usually sell them in stacks of 100-500, usually 10-20g per dust.

Farming Time-Lost Scrolls
You can turn in 6 x Shadow Dust to one of the Sha'tari Skyguard quest npcs in Skettis. This quest in turn gives you an Elixir of Shadows, which when consumed, allows you to see even more mobs in Skettis.
You can see the undead arakkoa
when under the effects of the
Elixir of Shadows.

These new undead arakkoa have a 55% ish chance of dropping Time-Lost Scrolls. These will be your second best source for gold. These sell for a little bit less than Shadow Dusts from my experience, but make a nice chunk of gold nonetheless, if sold in large stacks.

Using these Time-Lost Scrolls in the skull piles around Skettis summon up mobs that drop quest items that eventually give you a Time-Lost Offering, which also can be sold. However, people prefer to buy Time-Lost Scrolls instead, as the quest npcs used to summon with these give a nice chunk of reputation too.

Useful selling macro
If you just dump your scrolls and dust into the auction house, they will most likely rot there for quite a while before a buyer is found. I've found out that selling these in the trade chat is an excellent way to give visibility to them, find a buyer fast and last but not least, it's also a decent leap towards the gold limit if your prices are high! People are paying 999k for mounts in the BMAH, so they are willing to spend gold to avoid long grinds. Do not underprice your items!

Here's an example macro, edit it to your liking!

/2 {skull} WTS {skull} Sha'tari Skygyard reputation to EXALTED! {skull} 500 x Shadow Dust & 300 x Time-Lost Scrolls {skull} Get your Nether Ray mounts, UNIQUE companion pet and an EPIC tabard! 20k!

Even though the stated amount is not enough to get one exalted from neutral, people never ask. It's only items that are used to get one to exalted.

Terokkar Forest
Skettis is located in the south-east corner of the map.
Farm inside the red circle!
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