Saturday, October 6, 2012

Making a ton of gold selling MOP Flasks - WoW Gold Guide

Sorry for the lack of updates recently, I've been quite busy. Let's start with a brand new Pandaria gold making tip. This involves alchemy, so make sure you have a toon with a sufficient skill level in it. This is especially hot now when the new raid instance Mogu'shan Vaults is open and people are still progressing in it. This goes with other consumables too, so the list will continue while Mogu'shan Vaults is hot.

MOP flasks can also be learned from floating scrolls found around Pandaria.
Do you know where to find them?

Making gold with Alchemy
Almost everyone is looking for the new superior epics dropping in the new raid, so people will be needing buffs to make it easier. Biggest buff of these comes from alchemy flasks. They are expensive to create, but especially during raid times in the evening, they sell for even 700g each on realms with many raiding guilds.

To make most gold, you should check which flasks are the most expensive. It's a good idea to focus on the ones that have highest price and/or lowest quantity available.

An alchemist with Elixir Master skill can sometimes make even 5 flasks instead of only one. This saves a lot of materials if you get lucky procs. Elixir Mastery can be learned from the quest Elixir Master.

Before learning it, you should prepare for it. The quest requires the following:
 The raw materials for the flasks is as follows:
As you can see, it's very expensive to learn, but you can make up for it with even one lucky proc!

To make even more gold, give one of your level 90 characters Herbalism. Flying around, picking flowers with an epic mount can make thousands in as little as a hour, more if you turn them into flasks!

Make faster flask sales
To make your flask sell better, start listing your flasks at around 17:00 server time, and make sure you're not getting undercut by visiting the auction house every 30 minutes or so.

You can also give stack discounts in the trade chat, by advertising that if someone buys 5 flasks from you, they get 3 spec specific panda potions for free, or something similar that catches ones eye. You also need to let people know why they should buy your flasks.

A good way to make people buy is to ask them if they want to top the DPS meters, to become more durable as a tank or ask if they are going out of mana. 

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