Sunday, October 14, 2012

Making Gold with Overcharged Capacitors - Engineering Gold Guide

Many engineers focus on current engineering gadgets only, leaving behind a low supply of lower level trade goods. People still need these, making their price rise dramatically. An excellent example is Overcharged Capacitors. They are literally Overcharged, as in some cases you can make more gold selling these than any Pandaria equivalent.

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Have you cleared Ulduar this week? It's a very good source of gold for high level Engineers!

How to get Overcharged Capacitors
There are a few ways to obtain Overcharged Capacitors. They are a direct drop from level 77-81 mechanical mobs in Northrend, mainly in raids and dungeons. They can also be salvaged from these mobs, with a bigger chance. However, mechanical bosses always have the highest chance to drop these.

A good example is Flame Leviathan and XT-002 Deconstructor in Ulduar. Both have about a 33% chance to give 5 of these when salvaged by an engineer. On top of that, they give all kinds of other loot when salvaged, including titansteel bars and super valuable Chopper mount parts.

However, clearly the fastest way to get these is to create them yourself. A skill level of 375 is required.

Overcharged Capacitor

A single overcharged capacitor should always make profit when selling in the auction house, and they sell surprisingly fast too from my experience, even though they aren't used in many recipes. Even if someone is selling these for 5g each, you can buy them out and relist for say, 50-100g instead.

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