Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Making gold with Felsteel Bars & Stabilizers - WoW Gold Guide

If you enjoyed the previous Overcharged Capacitors gold tip, there's more where that came from! Felsteel Stabilizers are used in many different recipes, but there's usually no one selling these. And if there is, the price is usually high as a kite, even though these are dirt cheap to make! Same goes with Felsteel Bars that is the only ingredient when making these.

felsteel bar wow

Easy to make! Lots of profit
Felsteel Stabilizers are easy to make, and only require engineering skill of 340. The recipe itself can be learned from any engineering trainer. Felsteel Bars can be created by a miner with a skill level of 350. These too are easy to make! Here's the reagents you need.

Felsteel Stabilizer (Engineering)

Felsteel Bar (Mining)
Like always, prices are hard to predict, as all realms have different prices for each item. Currently on my realm the cheapest stack of Fel Iron Bars costs about 80 gold. Eternium Bars are nearly free.

Cheapest single Felsteel Bar costs 70 gold, and there are no Felsteel Stabilizers, except mine which I sell for 250 gold each usually.

These are The Burning Crusade items, so you won't get instant sales. Still, all you have to do is spend a few minutes creating them and then just listing them in the auction house.

You can make even more gold crafting!
If you want to make even more gold, you can also put the Felsteel Stabilizers into use and craft items that are even more valuable. More on this coming up this week hopefully!

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