Thursday, October 25, 2012

Making gold with bracer enchants in MOP - WoW Gold Guide

There's several new Mists of Pandaria enchants in the game that are not yet available to players due to missing reputation. A good example is Enchant Bracer - Exceptional Strength. There is still zero players selling that enchant on my realm, making people resort to Cataclysm version of this enchant instead. However, most people don't know that there's lots of gold to be made with Cata enchants still - allowing us to grab the gold!

mop bracer enchants
Cataclysm bracer enchant formulae have a high chance of dropping from the rare elites in
Cataclysm zones. Are you strong enough to tackle one of them solo?

Cheap materials, fast sales, big profit
Cataclysm enchants are cheap now. Although Hypnotic Dust's price is rising each day, as there's not much people doing Cataclysm instances now, and even less with an enchanter in group. The only Hypnotic Dust you see on the AH these days is either people that craft Cata greenies and disenchant them, or people that stockpiled it while it was dirt cheap. This means it's not the cheapest of dusts now. Still, there's lots of profit to be made!

cataclysm bracer enchants
These are BIS enchants for a while still. Don't underestimate
their value! If you're not getting undercut, try prices as
high as 1500g per scroll!
All of the best Cataclysm bracer enchants are learned from rare formulae that drop all over Cata zones. If you don't have them yet, they are priced between 500-1500g usually. If there's none for sale, and you want to try farming them, your best bet is to solo Cataclysm heroics. If you're feeling strong, kill one of the Cata rare elites, such as Garr. They have the highest drop rate.

I'll use my realm's current data as example. See if your realm's prices are similar so you too can profit.

Bracer Strength Enchant
Creates: Enchant Bracer - Major Strength

Cost to craft: 46 gold
Sell enchant scroll for: 600 gold

Bracer Agility Enchant
Creates: Enchant Bracer - Agility

Cost to craft: 214 gold
Sell enchant scroll for: 900 gold

Reduce the cost by 80%, farm the volatiles yourself!
Best place to farm Volatile Air

Bracer Intellect Enchant
Creates: Enchant Bracer - Mighty Intellect

Cost to craft: 86 gold
Sell enchant scroll for: 700 gold

Does not work forever
Once enough people get to revered with August Celestials, and gets access to MOP bracer enchants, these Cataclysm equivalents become worthless. But for a long while still, the new bracer enchants will cost 4x more, making some people buy the less expensive Cata enchants instead.

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