Thursday, September 13, 2012

Turning 60 silver into 500 gold - Low Level Gold Guide

This gold making tip is ancient, but I haven't had the time yet to write about it. Most alliance players are aware of the NPC Lil Timmy walking around Stormwind, followed by a White Kitten. Many people simply ignore him, even though he's selling GOLD. This leaves you the chance to visit him.

wow gold guide
Lil Timmy is very easy to find, provided you know how to look for him!

How to get a White Kitten companion pet
Lil Timmy sells only one Cat Carrier (White Kitten) at a time. She costs 60 silver, less with discounts. This kitten can be sold in the auction house for a lot more than that. Since horde can obtain it only from the Neutral Auction House, it's usually more expensive in the Horde auction house. It sells surprisingly fast too!
white kitten location

Little Timmy patrols around Stormwind canals for a while, and then despawns. His respawn timer is 1-3 hours from my experience.

Like his name would suggest, Lil Timmy is small and hard to notice if you're not looking for him. This often gives you the chance to grab the White Kitten he's selling, as people use flying mounts these days and dont walk the streets.

There are 2 ways to find Lil Timmy easily
  1. Use NPCScan
    This NPC is from vanilla, so by default NPCScan does not recognize him. Use an extension to NPCScan, like NPCScanEx. Note though that you have to clear your cache once you've found him once.
  2. Create a macro
    This is boring, but you can combine it easily with fishing for example. Simply create a macro that targets Lil Timmy and uses your fishing ability, or even prospect or milling if your bags are full of ore or herbs. Just make sure you're in the canals.

    /target lil
    /cast Fishing

lil timmy respawn
Circled bridge is an excellent point to fish and look out for
Lil Timmy. He walks over the bridge every 1-3 hours.

Personally I've found him about 9 times in the last 7 days, every time by accident when spending time at the JC daily NPC.

Current White Kitten prices on my realm.

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Austacker said...

This is a simple, but quality tip for the newer people out there. I think with the new pet battle system almost here, this could even be more profitable too.

On my realm, the white kitten averages for about 200g alliance side, 500g Horde side.

A very tidy return for something that is essentially a vendor item selling for under 1g.