Monday, September 3, 2012

New gold making guild formed

There's a brand new gold making guild called Gold Mine on the Alliance side of the PVP realm Outland (EU), which is dedicated to Kuja's Gold Mine. The purpose of a gold making guild is to help players make gold in game by giving advice, hot tips and gold to other members. As a member of this guild, I will personally give out large amounts of gold to those that are part of the guild.

No need to start from 0 copper
This gives you an excellent chance to start over on a new realm, as you don't have to start empty handed. All new members receive a healthy amount of gold to get you going, no matter if you're level 1 or 90. Although you have to do something for the guild first to make it fair. This is questing, doing dungeons, inviting more players, doing battlegrounds and helping other members.

On top of the welcome gift, from time to time the most active members will receive gifts. These are very valuable! It's usually pure gold, but sometimes also valuable mounts and very rare pets that can be sold for a healthy amount of gold in the auction house.

Fun times
On top of gold giveaways, there will be fun contests once the guild has more members, of course with golden prizes for the winners! These can be the old Gnomish Death Race, Scavenger Hunt, Costume Contest or something a bit more unique, like gold making competitions where members compete who can make the most gold.

Because all of the members will be interested in making gold, the free spots in this guild are limited so that all greedy gob.. gnomes have a chance to make loads of gold, even if they are on the same realm.

To join, simply use the guild finder and request an invite from the Gold Mine guild, or pm Goldmine if she's online.

See you ingame!

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