Sunday, September 9, 2012

Making Gold with Brilliant Necklaces - WoW Gold Guide

People usually focus on high end craftables, leaving little to no one creating (and selling) the low end goodies. Many of the jewelcrafting rings and amulets are an excellent example. For many months now the Brilliant Necklace has been a great source of gold on my main realms, creating  50-500% profit per necklace. This is especially good for low level toons!

brilliant necklace jewelcrafting wow gold guide
Others focus on high level craftables, allowing you to make more gold with low level ones!
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Cheap to craft, fast to sell
Brilliant Necklaces are one of my favourite items to craft. There's very little competition, allowing me to choose how much these go for in the auction house. That said, I've sold many for even 300 gold. However, this is a low level necklace, so many can not afford that. Keeping the price lower makes more gold always.

I get competition only when someone is leveling Jewelcrafting and does not have enchanting. Usually people just disenchant valuables like this.

Because Brilliant Necklace is a low level necklace, you need only 75 skill in Jewelcrafting. This makes it  a good source of gold if you're just starting out and want some gold. However, there may be a component that is overpriced, like usually. This is the Moss Agate.

A Brilliant Necklace can be crafted with the following components:
Bronze Bars are usually cheapest to make if you have mining. You can get 2 Bronze Bars by smelting one Copper and Tin Bar together. Sometimes selling Bronze Bars is even more profitable!

How to get Moss Agates?
Since Moss Agates can sell for even 30g a piece, it may not be a good idea to buy them directly from the auction house. In most cases a stack of Tin Ore sells for 5x less, giving you 4 chances of getting a Moss Agate. Buying Tin Ore and Prospecting it is the most profitable way to obtain loads of Moss Agates. There's also a very fun way to get more gems, including Moss Agates that I will post later today or tomorrow.
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Brent said...

I think you must have a unique market as the average realm will sell the moss agate alone for more than the price of the brilliant neckalce. Unless you have an overabundant supply that you cant get rid of it doesnt make sense to sell these when the components will sell for more.

Greygamer said...

Moss Agate price can be quite volatile. As regards Bronze Bars, this is a very easy way to make some early gold. But if you have a jewelcrafter you can take advantage of low material costs and sell the mats when they are expensive. Win-Win?

Anonymous said...

I followed this recommendation, and two years later, I'm still making profit from this item. I usually farm my own mats, so I just take sometime to find what I need and it always sells fast, particulary on weekdays. The moss agate is still overpriced in my realm, so I just prospect tin ore. Also, I hardly have competition selling this item.