Friday, September 14, 2012

Kuja's Gold Mine - You're making more gold than I am! (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

I've received lots of messages regarding on how I am making more or less gold than others are. For this, I am sorry. All estimates are either averages or exact results from my personal experiences from sales on 4 EU realms. These are small, medium, large and full realms to cover different sizes.

This gold making guide is about how I make gold on my realms, and how much I made. Sometimes also how much you could make, if you were playing on one of these realms.

I do not blog about how much gold you can make on your realm, or how much you could make if you could make the average amount of gold according to undermine journal. If you're looking for that, you'd better check it manually here or follow some other gold making blog that uses such site to tell how much he or she made gold that day.

The purpose of this gold making blog is to let you know different ways to make gold, not necessarily how much you can make. All gold gains are what I've made, rest are estimates based on these 4 realms.

Don't just sell stuff! Think first
Know also that I do not just dump stuff into the Auction House. Many make the mistake here, thus making 300g instead of 3000g. I use trade chat, create sneaky advertisement macros with lots of {symbols}, incentive people, utilize all professions, time my auctions correctly, research when an item is hottest on the realm and how to make it sell for even more, swap materials, improvise, use gold making addons, external resources, monopolize etc etc.

If you like a gold tip, try it out but do not expect to make same amount of gold. Still, all gold making tips work 100% of the time and are guaranteed to make profit on ANY REALM, in a way or another. This profit could be a gold coin or 100,000 gold, depending on the gold tip and has nothing to do with my sales.

However, due to the massive amount of Q_Q comments regarding this, comments are getting moderated now. Such comments end up in the spam folder, so only comment if you have something else to say than complain about how much more gold I can make. I have after all made gold for about 7 years in wow alone, and before that in many other games, so I know a trick or two on how to raise the profits. Tricks that I haven't even mentioned, and probably never will to prevent competition.

If you have a suggestion on how to improve this gold guide or have other kind of feedback, it's best to send me a message via the contact page or using the suggestions feature in the gold making forum and not by leaving a comment in a post.

And as a reminder, the more you share my gold tips by using the facebook, g+ and twitter buttons, the more new gold tips will be posted! So start now by clicking all of them once and maybe a new tip will be posted even today!

Thank you!
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Austacker said...

Kuja, I can understand where you are coming from in regards to people having problems with how much they are making going on your tips.

If I may suggest though, that you be mindful of your estimations when pushing forward a new guide/tip as you tend to regularly promote with 'best GPH' situations and people interpret this as the norm.

If you bring forward a new gold tip saying 'MAKE 5000G AN HOUR FARMING X' and then use TUJ all realm averages or cherry pick high value realm averages, it gives readers a false expectation that they should be able to replicate the feat.

I really love your blog and I'm a regular reader (and now, commenter), I would just like to see you present the potential gains in a more realistic light and manage the expectations of those looking to replicate your earnings in a more realistic fashion.

The tips are great, but think about being more moderate on the potential returns - that would be my biggest suggestion looking ahead.

Keep up the great work though, your blog is terrific.

Kuja said...

Yes, I agree. It would be best if I don't include "best case scenarios", but instead the minimum so people don't expect too much. Still, that might differ too.

Martin said...

People definitely need to realize that although the tips can be utilized on all realms, profits will vary. I read a lot of gold making blogs, and at most 15% of the tips yield anything remotely to what the writers are stating. My realm is full of tight-wad conservatives who go for functionality rather than aesthetics, so profits are marginally lower than on other realms especially when it comes to transmog items.