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How to make gold when Mists of Pandaria launches - Mining

Mists of Pandaria is ever closer, and you only have a few weeks to make the most out of the starting gold rush. Make sure you have the correct professions at correct levels so you can take part in it, without the need to farm stuff endlessly! To get started, make sure you have mining capped by 25th.

ghost iron mining guide
Miners can hit the gold mine during Mists of Pandaria's first few weeks!
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Mining Ghost Iron Ore and Trillium Ore
It's always as simple to make gold with mining as it is with herbalism. All a miner has to do is find the right zone, research where the mining deposits spawn and follow the route that goes through most of these nodes.

Sadly, you cannot use your flying mount right when entering Pandaria, so the mining experience will be of that from vanilla wow. Lots of running around, only to find out that someone else got to the Ghost Iron deposit before you did. And if you're lucky, it's not a player from the opposing faction!

trillium mining guide
Trillium Deposit
Mining required: 600

You can mine Ghost Iron right away!
That said, many take the "faster" route, and level to 90 before starting to farm Ghost Iron Ore and Trillium Ore for serious. However, by the time you get to learn how to fly in Pandaria, the skill Wisdom of the Four Winds, those that didn't choose to wait until they can fly are making a bank being the few persons selling loads of Pandaria Ores.

It is up to you to choose what approach to take. Remember though that mining gives you experience. Some people have leveled all the way from 5 to 85 just by mining and collecting herbs! That's not a very fast way though!

Best route to farm Ghost Iron
Because I was not lucky enough to get beta access, I can't provide you with the best route to farm Ghost Iron or Trillium, yet! However, I will create a new post just for mining these new ores, and provide the best route to follow once MOP is live and I can do my research.

Circling around the borders of the starting zones has always been the best way to obtain all ores. Some people skip the starting zone entirely and proceed to the second zone and mine there instead. This way they get to be the only person in the zone for a while, unless someone else thinks the same way.

Selling & Smelting Ghost Iron Bars
Once you have bags full of Ghost Iron or Trillium Ores, it's time to sell them and make a killing! Many people make the mistake here and dump the ore as it is in the auction house. Sure, Jewelcrafters that are aware of how to make gold with their profession are ready to pay thousands of gold for a few stacks of raw ores.

However, there is always more profit to be made when smelting stuff instead. During Cataclysm's first weeks I made about 80% more gold from Obsidium Bars than what I made from Obsidium Ore. Elementium Ore on the other hand produced more sales in the ore department. Ore just usually has too many other sellers, undercutting you all the time.

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