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How to make gold when Mists of Pandaria launches - Jewelcrafting

Mists of Pandaria (or Panda Man of Mystery) is not far away, so you might already want to prepare for the launch. Best time to make gold in world of warcraft is just when a new expansion is launched. People are after realm first achievements, shiny new equipment, enchants, flasks and all that stuff that makes it a faster trip to level to 90. This makes all professions shine! Zero farming required.

jewelcrafting gold guide mists of pandaria
Be one of the first crafters
During Cataclysm's first 2 weeks I made over 300k, mainly from Jewelcrafting. How much can you
make in the first 2 weeks of Mists of Pandaria?
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Making gold in MOP with Jewelcrafting
Some of the current profession gold making methods will be a lot more profitable in the coming days, at least for the first few weeks. I will be going through this list in multiple posts. Each post is dedicated to one single profession, so you can easily find the ones you have available. Keep an eye on the main page, or twitter feed for the next profession.

Note that you need your profession maxed before you can make use of this. Prospecting high level ore requires 600 skill in Jewelcrafting, so stick to prospecting Ghost Iron Ore first, as it requires only 500 skill.

This is perhaps the most well known gold making tip. It has always worked during new expansions, and will work even better soon.
  1. Purchase LOTS of Ghost Iron Ore, White Trillium Ore and Black Trillium Ore
  2. Prospect them into gems, such as Primordial Ruby
  3. Turn some of the gems into Rings and Amulets, such as Ornate Band
  4. Cut most of the remaining red gems into gems with stats, such as Bold Pandarian Garnet
sapphire cub pet jewelcrafting
Sapphire Cub
Don't forget that Jewelcrafters
can create BOE pets!
Even if a stack of Ghost Iron Ore sells for 700g, the goodies you get out of it may sell for triple that. Do check the current prices for gems and dusts before deciding to prospect. Note that profit depends on how much competition you have, and how fast you are.

At this point you will have lots of excess green jewelry, and also lots of competition most likely. It's a good idea to send all of the green quality rings and amulets to an enchanter for disenchanting. New dust, essences and scrolls sell like crazy every time.

Best Monk gems
As soon as you can, obtain the design for rare agility gems, Design: Delicate Primordial Ruby. Agi gems will be hot, but be aware of competition. Many people think the same way, and some focus on other gems, like Int or Str.

Because of this, there will be a lot less people selling blue gems. Some blue gems, like Solid River's Heart are needed almost as much as red gems. If you have the blue stamina gem market for even some hours, you will become rich.

Same goes for Rigid River's Heart gems that are invaluable for people wanting to get hit capped.

Once you have learned higher level recipes, you should also create meta gems and mounts, like Jeweled Onyx Panther.

New way to learn rare gem recipes
There's new items in the game that allow you to obtain blue quality gems. pthor1234 gave an excellent insight to these:

There are seven total Facets of Research, all named the same thing, just with different item IDs. They all contain randomly generated cut gems. The color of the cut gem depends on the type of research you performed. This facet is created by the Secrets of the Stone, which takes 3 Spirit of Harmony to bypass the daily cooldown on research. The research will let you learn any random gem cut that you don't know, and presumably the facet will contain any random cut gem as well.

All of the facets and their researches are:
Secrets of the Stone - creates Facets of Research
River's Heart - creates Facets of Research
Wild Jade - creates Facets of Research
Sun's Radiance - creates Facets of Research
Imperial Amethyst - creates Facets of Research
Vermilion Onyx - creates Facets of Research
Primordial Ruby - creates Facets of Research

As you can see, the items will all look the same in your bags, but they do contain random cuts of the particular research. Both times I opened it, I received 2 cut gems, so the three you use to discover the cut isn't a complete waste, especially with gems with non-primary stats being buffed.

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