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How to get a Warbot and sell it - WoW Gold Guide

Some of you may remember the old Warbot pet that was learned from the Warbot Ignition Key, which was available only in the US for players that participated in the Mountain Dew giveaway in 2009. However, currently it is possible to obtain this pet once again, even in EU realms. It's not even BOP, so you can sell it! Let's make some gold!

wow warbot location
Warbots can be fueled with red or blue fuel to make them attack the opposite color!

Snatch it and sell it
Warbot Ignition Key is obtained from a few vendors since 5.0.4 patch was launched. These vendors are they toy merchants found in capital cities.

Here's a list of the vendors so you can find the closest one faster:
The Warbot Ignition Key costs 500 gold, but the price can be reduced with discounts, such as being exalted with the correct faction. The gold making trick is to purchase this, and sell it in the auction house for a lot more than what you paid for it.

Use caution when relisting this in the Auction House! Because of the heavy vendor price tag, there will be major auction house deposit fees. A 48 hour auction fee is 75 gold. If someone undercuts you before your key sells, that's 75 gold lost instantly.

When selling this item, duration of 12 hours is recommended. Personally I avoid the trade chat when selling new items like this, because that usually creates more competition.

Even though the Warbot Ignition Key has been in the game for a week already, there has been no one selling this in the smaller realms I play on, letting me be the only seller. I've sold many for even 10,000 gold. Guess not many visit the toy merchants!

Grab some Warbot fuel too!
The toy merchants also sell Blue War Fuel and Red War Fuel to be used with this bot. People that finds your bot in the auction house rarely search for items like this, so there's little point listing these in the auction house.

If you're selling your bot in trade chat instead, it's an excellent idea to include some fuel in the deal. An example macro could go like this:

/2 WTS {skull} [Warbot Ignition Key] {skull} 3000 gold! To beat other pets, deal includes [Red War Fuel] and [Blue War Fuel] for your Warbot!

Just be careful. If someone knows you can buy it from a vendor for 2500g less, you may not get any sales after they open their mouths in the trade chat!

where to find warbot ignition key wow

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