Sunday, August 12, 2012

Where to farm Chan's Imperial Robes - Transmog Gold Guide

There's many valuable and cool looking items in the game that were lost, or at least partially lost after Cataclysm changed the level of certain zones. Many people have wondered especially about the availability of the item we'll be talking about in this post. It's worth at least a hundred thousand gold these days, but does the high price tag mean it's no longer possible to to farm it? Let's find out!

The drop rate may be non-existent, but that doesn't tell the whole story!

Is it still in game?
Prior to Cataclysm, the drop rate of Chan's Imperial Robes was roughly 10% from the rare monster Mith'rethis the Enchanter. These days the drop rate has been reduced to the point that it seems it's no longer on the drop table. This can be explained by the level difference of the mob.

His level was 52 pre-Cataclysm, now it's 33. The robes itself is a ilvl 52 item. Does that mean the item is no longer dropping by him? No.
chan's imperial robes cataclysm
Chan's Imperial Robes
This version of the robe is yellow.  There are 2 other colors
available: Lime and Green.
    According to wowhead it's still dropping, although rarely.

    Multiple GMs have confirmed that it's still dropping in Cataclysm.

    Undermine Journal also shows that people have been selling these robes.

    Because these robes are so rare, I have only one suggestion: If you obtain one, add a few zeros to the buyout price that you were thinking!

    Also, check your old alts and their banks. Many have found old items in their bank that are priceless today.

    Where to farm it?
    rare monster farming hinterlands mith'rethis the enchanter
    Mith'rethis the Enchanter spawns in
    If you want to try your luck, then head over to the Hinterlands. Mith'rethis the Enchanter spawns in Jintha'Alor, next to Revantusk Village. His spawn timer is 14-22 hours, so on a larger realm it may be hard to farm him.

    A good idea for rare farming is to park an alt next to his spawn point and from time to time, log onto that alt. As he's only level 33, even a lowbie alt is capable of breaking him. Even if you can't find the Chan's Imperial Robes, you still receive a nice chunk of exp and a guaranteed greenie.

    Personally I haven't seen him drop the robes. If I were you, I'd farm the Lime version of this item instead. Sure, it's not nearly as valuable, but you may even see it drop!

    Have you obtained Chan's Imperial Robes?
    Do you want more gold tips? Don't forget to share!


    Anonymous said...

    So you're telling us to farm an item you've never even seen drop? And even worse, you're telling us to farm an item that probably never will drop? Sorry, but this sounds like a pretty useless post IMO.

    Kuja said...

    According to gamemasters, it's still dropping. And 2 recorded kills prove it. But seeing as the drop rate is so low, it's up to you to choose if it's worth it or not.

    I made this post because many were asking if it's even in the game still.

    Nofan said...

    GM's often are wrong especially with kind of information. It's quite possible they had access to old information.

    The exact same story is the item "Chromatic Sword" from Scale Belly a rare elite in stv.

    Using a couple of online AH sites you can quicklly tell that this item doesn't drop. The supply of the item is even rarer than alot of the discontinued stuff.

    Kuja said...

    That's a possibility. The drop rate going from 10% to 0.02% doesn't bode well.

    farli said...

    item removed in Cata

    Farming 0% drops ftw? :P

    Anonymous said...

    This is honestly the most useless post I have ever seen posted on the front page of the TUJ. gg

    Kuja said...

    Sorry, Anonymous.

    I'll do my best to make my posts have more quality content in the future.

    Kiendro said...

    Listing one on Madoran for 100k. Not sure if it will sell but I put one in the AH a couple months ago for less and it went quick. Ooops.

    Jude said...

    I paid 50k for my set when Cata hit, I was told by many people (and GM's) that this was NLA in game.